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Roll a joint out of a cigarette?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DeadliestSnatch, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. I don't got rolling paper, do you think it would be possible for me to just like empty the cigarette out? Also I have a cigarette rolling machine, do you think I could empty out my cigarette and just roll with that?

  2. Just empty out the cig and fill er up
    grind it finely
  3. idk if leaving the filter on would effect the thc but the paper should be fine
  4. Yeah, that should work, but I have to ask...why do you have a cigarette rolling machine and no wraps?
  5. Used them all up it sucks i should have been more prepared
  6. take out the filter and replace it with rolled up cardboard.

  7. Yes, it does. Dont leave the filter on
  8. If you dont have papers then you can empty out your cigarette, then put your finely broken up bud in the cigarette... But make sure you poke holes in the cigarette filter so it doesnt filter out all of the thc
  9. Did this a lot back a while ago. Just roll the cigarette between your fingers starting at the tip to hollow it out. Don't unroll it. Leave a little bit of tobacco left in the end. That's what I normally use for the filter. Then use a pen to push finely ground weed down into it. It works pretty well, just make sure you don't rip the paper. Cut the filter off with scissors a few milimeters into the brown part. That'll take off the filter while leaving a little bit of tobacco. Of course some people don't like tobacco. But I assume if you have a pack of cigarettes you don't mind a little tobacco.
  10. What you'll need:
    ∙Ground up weed
    ∙a cigarette
    ∙Q-tip (or small object around same size)

    Okay, here's what you do:

    Grip the Cig with your index and thumb. Lightly, but firmly roll the cig in between your fingers open side down. You will want to hold it closer to the open end. The tobacco should fall out. Move your hand up as necessary.

    Once all tobacco is gone, you should be left with a perfect cylindrical paper, and a filter.

    Begin filling your emptied cig with ground up green. Use something small like a Q-tip or toothpick to push down the green.

    Once filled, twist the top (or however you kids these days do it;)) and grab your tweezers. You're going to want to try to get the metal arms in between the filter and paper. It should com out fairly easy with a little tugging. Don't be scared to get rough, you're tossing it anyway.

    You should now be left with a pretty nicely rolled joint.Smoke away my friend, Hopefully this helped.
  11. Hey thanks for the tip guys it worked hahaha

  12. true ha.
  13. i hate rolling cig joints. takes a lil while and burns WAY to quick.
  14. this is what i used to always do when i first started smoking

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