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Roll a blunt in 10 steps

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grimtoker, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. My call on it :p
    1. Buy a cigar
    2. Lick the outside leaf so it is really wet and then peel the leaf from the mouth piece to the end you light.
    3. Remove cancer paper from the mouth piece
    4. Crack(split) it open with your thumb
    5. Dump the tobacco into a bag you can throw away
    6. Break your weed up and evenly distribute it through the inside leaf
    7. Roll it so it isn't too tight, or too loose.
    8. Make sure the outside leaf is wet and tightly roll it back around the blunt
    9. Dry it with a lighter so the outer leaf is dry and stiff.
    10. Light that bitch up and blaze.


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  2. Brilliant.
  3. How to make a useless post on the city:

    1, come up with a title, that makes it sound informative, so people will click on it and waste time
    2. type something that is beyond a shadow of a doubt, common sense
    3. drag it out into many, many steps, wasting even more time
    4. click submit.

    Seriously, thats what this thread read like. There is no point what so ever to this.

    Happy Toking.:smoking:
  4. I can do it in 4 steps.
    Crack cigar
    empty cigar
    grind bud
    roll blunt
  5. Crush/grind bud first or have someone do it while you prepare the leaf, not after...
  6. epiccc
  7. I don't remember posting this :/
  8. ^excuses lol

  9. ya you dont remember now cuz everyone is making fun of it.:hello:

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