Roleadro 300(125 actual watt LED) +26watts of cfl

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    Ok so this is just my small indoor budget grow.the grow box is pretty ghetto, being an old Guinea pig cage flipped on it's side with it wrapped in a wind reflector and white reflective tape.the strain is Maui which is supposed to be a 12 week flowering strain.i also have a small unknown indica I'm just gonna try to keep short and flower fast.there both in ff ocean forest one in a 1 gallon pot and another in a cool whip tub.every watering I give them a mixture of 1 tsp of molasses to a gallon and 2 tsps of ff big bloom to a gallon.i plan on getting age old bloom here soon.the bigger plant(Maui) is at 5 weeks of flowering but has stretched alot already.the other one is two weeks old and still unsexed.they are photoperiod and the light cycles at 12/12.i have the led about a foot above the plant and the cfl about 7 inches above the plant.this is my first grow with this led light and for the price of 60$ I'm very happy.
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