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  1. **I DO NOT CONDONE DRIVING AND SMOKING, but I understand that some people do this(I work too much and drive alot so it just makes sense)

    I haven't contributed anything to this forum so I am making this thread so that some of the new people to the world of ganja can be more cautious about how they go about in their vehicles.

    1. Smell. Any kind of weed smells smoked or unsmoked. I have several tips to eliminate the smell.

    A. Febreeze your car BEFORE you smoke in it. This will help any previous smells that were there before and will help you later.

    B. Fabric sheets. Keeping 2 or 3 of these in your car help eliminate any odors lingering in the air. Put them somewhere where they arent in the sun but open to the air(ie: not in glove or side door panels)

    C. Window cracking. Most people would think opening the front two windows would be enough, yeah if your car is a s2000 or smart car. All you are doing that way is pushing the smoke to the back and it can linger there. Always crack the front window(or both if 2 or more people are smoking and crack a back window(if car is loaded crack all windows) this way it will flow back and out with air pushing it in all directions.

    D. Weed stash. You will need to find a hiding spot in your car. In one of my cars the ashtray removes and there is a little ledge where a bottle or baggie can fit(I have my cannibus card renewed so I dont have to hide mine, this is from previous experiece aka high school LOL). Do a search of your car under the dash, ashtray, center console, even AC vents as long as you have your weed sealed correctly.

    2. Yourself. Smoking marijuana physically affects your eyes, breath,(smelly, not really anything bad) and hands(joint, ashes make your hands smell like smoke, but not the cigarette kind of smell).

    A. Eyes. Clear eyes or those drops here at GC for droopy eyes(no personal experience though) Sunglasses also hide eyes, but wearing sunglasses at night isn't a smart idea.(Although sometimes fun)

    B. Breath. Gum/mint if at all possible. Nuts also work, pistachios, peanuts(roasted or salty)

    C. Hands. Sanitizer works good, lotion w/e.

    3. The Car these are just several tips for safer driving and avoidance of cops.

    A. Tint - Obviously having tinted front windows is a reason to be pulled over, but it depends on your state tint laws(a quick google search will help you find them). I myself have 5% all around except on the front windows but thats just how I roll ;)

    B. Speeding. Cruise Control is your friend. If it doesnt work work on keeping your front still(although Im sure most of you are somewhat good @ it already)

    C. Highways are safer. (IMO i will explain why) Traveling 65 miles an hour most people aren't paying too much attention to cars near them. Try not to hit it near any cars. As for police and CHP, unless they are on a call or have an emergency, they are going about the same rate so you will need to scan mirrors periodically(I do it any, common sense).

    D. The only money I truely want you to spend is on a registration/insurance organizer thingy. Very cheap but perfect for the traveling stoner. Put it in your glove, and leave your weed stuff locked in your center console/elsewhere. That way no smell can leave when you don't have anything your glove when you reach for your cars information!

    E. Being Clean. Not the exterior, the interior, using a vacuumed very well. (thanks Joker Smoker)

    Passengers You also play an important role in driving the vehicle. Person sitting shotgun has the most to take care of, handing driver MJ, radio, and sometimes navigating. People in the back seats should be on the look for cops(not paranoid like, just glance around you, make yourself aware of whats coming up and what've you passed.

    "Smoking Supra Scar"

    *When I remember more of the whole thing I will add!*
  2. great tips, thanks for sharing :)
  3. that a good guide.

    also, sunglasses is a must. even if your eyes are not red You still have those lazy, half-closed Stoner eyes.

    I have illegal this too and if i drive high i usually roll them down because it is Safer not to attract attention to yourself.
  4. good tips, along with making sure all tags, etc. are current. someone once posted something like this here, it was badass, it was a poster, or picture or something of the sort from some lawyers office about smoking and driving.

    good post none the less :)

    I have my front windows tinted like 10% and back 5%. never had any problems, even after being stopped before. 99% of the time ( out here at least ) it's more of a hassle for the officer to fuck with you for some damn tint. but everywhere is different.
  5. i usually pop in a cough drop after smoking while driving. for 1 it covers your breath really well [as most cough drops have a strong odor] and for 2 it feels good in your throat
  6. I have a another section to add and some to add on to, so it will be edited tomorrow.
  7. yo roka, just thought of this in another thread.

    you should include something about keeping car clean, vacuumed so that seeds, stems, small pieces of bud, etc are not under seat.

    be sure when u vacuum to move seat ALL the way back, then ALL the way foreward when vacuuming. in-between the seats too fellas.
  8. Also, if you go for highway drives often, or any thing that just involves smoking and driving to no where, make sure you have a story to tell the cop if he ends up asking you questions about what your doing out here, just so you dont seem surprised or nervous when he ask you.

    Also, keep the AC on, it helps get rid of smoke if you dont put it on recycle. Or i find it very helpful to leave the AC on full, with the defroster on. Gets rid of smoke quick.

    I had a theory that ive yet to try. I always wondered if when im being pulled over, would playing classical music give the cop a different opinion on you, thus him going easier on you... who knows tho.... ill try it next time... its on the presets anywho...

    Also, if you dont smoke on highways, or chose a st. this time... pick a dark place, next to tall bushes, away from street lights. My usual routine is smoke on the way to work via the highway, and usually by big rigs so i can hide by their haul. If not goin to work, i pick a usual spot... got 3 or so... So i usually pull up to my spots after a quick run around the block to check out for cops... then pull up slowly and shut the lights off as im stopping, then roll the windows down all the way, radio off, clear eyes on, toke up while being away of my surrounding (joggers, cars, ppl throwin away trash etc...) I usually park by a big big, or tree so no one in the house can see a random car parked there @ midnight.

    Hah, had a funny story... was once rollin a J @ above house in a friend car.... lil do i know the lady walks out her house to get something from her car, then returns to her home.. so i continue.... Next thing i hear is her car starting and she pulls up behind us parked with her highs... so we book it, so pursues through the suburbs chasing us in a G35 against her camry.. no match, so it was a fun chase that we won =] all while i was still rolling the J... So yea,

    stay stafe, and mostly... be aware of your surroundings.....

  9. You should be hiding it anyways from what I've been told. If you're stopped and you have weed in the car its still illegal even with a card, the card only makes it legal to buy it and smoke it alone, transporting it over the highway is still illegal (technicality?). I always keep my stuff in the trunk because of this.

    edit: did a little searching, found this:

    Apparently what I thought was a bit outdated, but I still wouldnt trust CHP for a minute, even with a card.
  10. Well when I say not hidden I don't mean its right out in open on my passenger seat, it usually within jars or bags that dont smell so unless I am about to get questioned for why my car smells like weed, I don't hand out the card either.
  11. Be careful of state liscnese plate laws. If you need a front plate, make sure you've got one (I got pulled over for this one morning after I'd fishbowled the car the night before.) Also, make sure your inspection and registration are kept current.
  12. nice car Danny Boy. but my car is honestly the absolute biggest bust. It's not just the color that makes it stand out. But you can hear me coming 2 miles away. lol... :rolleyes:


  13. Nice mustang, I went through 2 88 supras(1 clean stroker and 1 im cleaning up to sell) and am currently in the process of buying this...

  14. ya im sittin on 22's and have 0% tint, the hid's dont help too much either :D what up coppers, fuck yall
  15. i got all you beat. '96 Subaru Legacy Outback(4 cyl), cassete player. quite a few hail dings. weird thing is that the sound is pretty good(have my mp3 player connected to cassete adapter thing). with my techno i can bump pretty good.:cool:

    p.s. that first shot of the mustang is tight as hell
  16. sickkk. but good luck with speed im thinkin about throwing some black rims on mine. :cool:
  17. im an american muscle fan myself, although i am new to the crowd, just got my first 89 camaro. my first project car, it's still in the making, saving money now to start fuckin with it.

    No disrespect meant, its just you know diff. tastes for diff. people, if you like imports thats kew, i still got props for ya, gotta admire good work when you see it dude.
  18. I'd hide the license plate number of the car you plan on buying. Just a heads up.

    Nice Merc though, that new Stang is sexy too.

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