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  1. Ohkay so i managed to get a rogue antivirus program on my computer. Its called Privacy Protection. Before i disabled it from automatically opening when i turn the computer on it would not let me open any files. My system restore file is delete completely off the computer. Even if i search or try to run 'rstrui' it doesnt come up with anything.

    Anyone know of any way of getting this shit of my computer?

    Like i said all is good now but its because i ran 'msconfig' and disabled automatic startup for the program but it is still on my computer.
  2. Help por favor!!!
  3. PM me, ive done many malware removal like this, ill guide you step by step
  4. Two things you'll need, Hitman pro which can be downloaded from the link parable pasted up top. You'll also need combofix, which can be downloaded from here
    Bleeping Computer Downloads: ComboFix Download

    Run combofix first and it will delete what it finds. Then run Hitman Pro and it will find the remains. Hitman pro is good at finding viruses that attach themselves to legit system files.

    I hate those fake antivirus viruses. The fucked up thing is, you can get these by going to legit websites. There have been a few times where I caught one of these from looking at someones photobucket pictures. I once got a freaking virus from going to a legit jewelry website. It's bullshit all the way!
  5. Privacy protection.... what bullshit, I had that a week ago. The only thing that would work for me was Malwarebytes. Its free and its badass

    Hitmanpro wouldnt get rid of it for me

    try malwarebytes, took 15 min and It was gone
  6. Fuck yeah free stuff!

    Anyway yeah malwarebytes worked for me too.

    Special shoutout to that one guy who helped me through PM! And thankyou to all the rest.

    Edit: Was NoIDea!

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