Roger Water's Tour 2012!

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  1. So who's going? I'm from Dallas and they aren't doing it up here this year. So me and my friends are driving down to Austin this year to see it. May 3rd. Can't wait!
  2. I'm going with my girlfriend on May 19th. :) LA Coliseum! :D
  3. I saw it last year, and I'm thinking about going again. It was easily one of the best concerts I've ever seen.
  4. Going for my second time on May 26, was sooooo epic last time really excited to see it again.
  5. Also, take a couple of tokes and say goodbye to the next 2 hours of your life.
    [ame=]Roger Waters The Wall Live 4 Show Edit (Remastered) 2010 1080P HD - YouTube[/ame]
  6. I went last year def a crazy ass show!
  7. Sweet. I only been to own of his show's in Dallas a few years ago....I think 2008? He had a huge Pig floating above the crowd which was awesome while tripping on fung.

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  8. The pig is back and even more evil looking then ever. Last time I saw him I was also tripping on some unmentionables, lets just say that me and my girl Lucy had alot of fun that night.
  9. Don't think I'm going, but I'd love to. If it was with Gilmour and Mason, I'd practically be act like a heroin addict for those tickets.

    I have no doubt this concert is good. Roger was the mind behind Animals and The Wall.

  10. haha sounds great man, always a plus :smoke:

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