Roger Waters 2022.

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    Went last night with my media naranja. OMG. I saw Pink Floyd live in 1974 (London) and they were amazing, and here, 48 years later, the chance to see one of them.
    This is an amazingly good show. It's a heart-on-your-sleeve show. Roger was so open, I sat entranced as he told us about how he met Syd Barrett, and what had happened in Los Angeles, and other things. I had never realised before now, what the album "Animals" was based on. The music was superb, the lighting effects great, the whole audience got very emotional.
    As we were leaving, we had to wait a little while, and people heard me chatting in my Brit accent. Some little time later, this being Mexico, we had made about 20 new friends, had our photo taken with them, and so on. I told them how the 1974 concert had been.
    If you have a chance to get to see this event, it is worth it.
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    Congrats Mota! Sounds Like Alotta Fun. What Do You Mean What Happen In L.A? Tho An What The Album Animals Based On?

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  3. That’s pretty fucking cool! I wish I could see this exact performance in 1994
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    In LA the band finally realised that they had to part company with Syd Barrett. He'd become completely dysfunctional. That's where the phrase 'eyes like black holes in the night' came from on Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Animals is based on George Orwell's novel, Animal Farm.
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  5. Threatened by shadows at night
    And exposed in the light…
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