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  1. Oh man. Saturday night i had all of my friends over. My mom comes home from a bar in the middle of our smoke session. She doesn't mind that we do it as long as we clean up after we're done. Well she's in her room when we were taking nose-hits/shotguns. Last night she comes into my room during a lone toke at 1 am and she's like "We you guys doing coke in there."
    i busted out laughing. She thinks we were snorting blow cuz she could hear us inhaling the smoke thru our nose. heh.
    My mom is the worst with drug paranoia and propaganda. she's totally ignorant and i am insulted she lacks so much faith in me to believe that i would snort lines or smoke crack.
  2. pisses me off aswell

    came in from smoking a joint yesterday and my mother says "was that a cigar?" i just bust out laughing and went to my room...
  3. Consider yourself lucky, amigo. Some mothers are so overbearing and nuts that they'll shit on your head for even uttering the word "pot".

    Your Ma lets you and your buddies have sessions in your room. Hence she owns.
  4. yeah dude, be thankful. My mom is the type of mom on the anti-weed commericials, "the enforcer". Shes the type that thinks once you start smoking, no matter what you'll get hooked on heroin and crack etc... But luckly my dad is cool about it, knows I smoke and basicially just says dont get in trouble and get good grades.
  5. ya dude be thankful i smoked up before hockey prac and i thut my dad was pickin me up but my mom did, i walk out to the car and shes like someones been smoking pot, and im all ugh who, and shes goes idk i can smell it we should tell someone at the arena, and im like nah lets jus go home, then were drivin home n my moms like ewwww smells like skunk, and im jus sittin there nervous as all hell, my mom would kill me if she ever found out

  7. man - it's so good that you've got a mom that's ok with that stuff. my parents, although they know i have smoked in the past, are still against it.
  8. my parents dont seem to even know the difference from weed and heroin, they think that weed can kill you and its addictive and shit, when my dad foudn out he said i was a lieing piece of shit and a stupid bitch, and lots of other things for about an hour and then he said that im just like my cousin (who is a heroin addict) and that i should go live with him, JUST BECAUSE I SMOKE WEED, my parents piss me off becuase my mom thinks the same way but would never say anything like that, just cries about it

  9. ROFL haha omg i just laughed out loud when i read that

    The Enforcer! "boy u grounded that means no phone.."
    "ah mom why u be tripin its just weed!!!"
    "ah man thats whack"
    "when i say no weed.. i mean no weed!!"
    "yo man u wanna hit this?"
    "n get grounded again r u crazy?"

    damn anti drug comeecials filling parents heads with all tthese crap.

    oh ya n i wasnt trying to be rascit n shit i just thought the dialgoue in the commercial was funny. sorry if i offended nebody

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