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Discussion in 'General' started by dragoon990, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. HEHEHAHAAAA.... whooo.... ok, i found this sweet game where you can grow your own weed from seed and water it, control, temp, lighting, ect.. lol, its crazy..

    heres the description:

    HighGrow is the world's first simulated marijuana growing program. You can now finally grow your own marijuana plants without constant fear of a visit from your local narcotics branch.

    With HighGrow, you can choose and plant three seeds at any time, and then watch them grow into large, potent marijuana bushes, harvesting them when you feel they have reached their peak potency.

    This educational program realistically imitates the life-cycle of the cannabis plant. You are able to adjust the lighting and water and fertilize, prune, and care for your developing plants while learning more about them at the same time.

    YAAAYY!! well, heres the site you can download it off of:

    lol, have fun,

  2. lmao....i have one from uk seed supplies and it's allmost impossible to get i hope growing the real thing isn't as hard as've tried it at least 10 times and allways run out of money because i smoke too out...Sid
  3. lol, thats awesome! i just wish that my plants werent producing "virtual buds".. everytime i harvest on there i feel like having a bowl..

    cant wait till i finally get the real thing set up.. mmm...

  4. Ive had that game before. It just makes me depressed that Im growing all that good bud but cant smoke any of it. you can also make your own seeds by mixing the different kinds together although I never quite figured out how when I had the game
  5. so the 60 day thing is it enough time without going through threeehe registration? i mean well cured computer generated plants I assumed take just as much time as the ones cheech sprays in ice dreams
  6. Registration lets you use any seeds or strains produced by your plants, I think they get a bit bigger too. :)

  7. you can search the registration code up. Then two month limit isnt enough time to have your plants fully mature in the game
  8. you can find the registration code without payin em???? realllly? how abouts do i go doing that?? lol, you jus made my day!

    u wana let me in on the secret man?

  9. yay, all the work of growing with none of the payoff!

    man, to be honest, id rather smoke some of the real thing:smoking:

  10. lol, wouldnt we all?? i wish i had a fat bud right now....

  11. im playing it looks kinda hard at first but after a while its easy

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