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  1. Really you should smoke a bowl or alot before watchin tthis to make it more funny but no matter what you should laugh haha. (its a .mov);| (if you hate quicktime like me get quicktime alternative its soooo much better it just the codec for .mov so u dont use quicktime[which sucks imo])

    <embed controller="true" src="" autoplay="false" height="256" width="320">
  2. i love family guy :)
  3. lmao that was pretty funny... the ending was great . . . :smoke:
  4. hahaha yeah .. its all around great haha
  5. HAHA I wish I was high for that...still hilarious though!
  6. Hahaha I'm so glad I was high for that :smoke:
  7. when i watch it high im like ITS STILL GOING ON?!
  8. when i saw this on tv i was high and thought it was a really boring part. i was like c'mon hurry the fuck up
  9. ya i thought it was boing cause it waas long but its stillll funny .. its just like when peter grabs his knee after falling and is like ow.. oww .. oww.. oww..

    or on drawn toghter .. when they stare at the camera and blink for 5 mins w/o talking ahha its soooo funny :p
  10. ^ ha yeah thats the long part im talkin about

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