Rockwool to DWC problems

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  1. So Im doing my first DWC grow. I had 3 clones sitting in rockwool (too long) about 5 weeks. None of their roots were sticking through the rockwool, but I carefully picked the rockwool off and there were some short roots on all of them -- amoung little black spider eggs. So now I have all 3 in something similar to the clone machine (roots dangling, but DWC instead of nozzles). They look fine after several days up top, but don't see any exploding root growth like I thought I was going to.

    Should I scrap em and take new clones and start over or just give them their sweet time? PH is at about 5.9 and added very small amounts of the lucas formula, along with some liquid karma.

  2. The little black things u hav encountered in ur rockwool are tiny bits of un spun rock,,its rockwool that is still a rock. If u just had them sitting in RW in wat? Sounds as if they stayed to wet,with little air to root system,,now tho u c because of the Oxy. I run a RDWC and keep mine water level right @ the basket bottom and not lower. Keeps the roots nice and hairy and avoid the big thick ass roots. Pound the air to em and u will c the root explosion u seek:smoking:
  3. Are you sure because I swear I saw a tiny spider crawl out haha.

    Yes I agree I probably kept them much too wet for too long, this was my first time with rockwool.

    The waterlevel is about 3-4" below the bottom of the roots right now, but the splashs from the bubbles are keeping the roots very wet. My question is will these roots come back to life or grow new roots -- or would it be a quicker and better idea to just take more clones and ditch these?

  4. I would go with what u got, they will get there. Taken clones again, to much time and a chance of something else going wrong. Due try sumtime to run the water level closer,those big water seeking cord roots due that only seek water. Its those fine hariy roots u want,,thats where the feed and water the plant needs are drawn through the membrain's of tiny hair's. Sum pratice this art by keeping water only on the bottom of the pot and just enough feed on top that it does not penatrate the water,,in other words the plant is getting its water from down below via the cord roots and the fine root system above is fed feed. sory for the mumbo jumbo felt like typing:smoking:
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    Got sum pics of a test i did,,root pic with all the fine hair's that water level was kept right @ the bottom of basket. Next pic water level fluctuated and was kept 1" below basket u can c more cording of the root system. p.s 1st pic Papa's Candy 2nd pic Bubba kush:smoking:

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  6. hey TBuds,

    was their any differences in plant growth/problems with the two different types of root systems?
  7. Very interesting, im guessing the one with more fine roots did better.

    But im not even to that point, maybe I didnt make that clear. Its not even in the big pots with clay pellets yet. I have them in little 1.5" pots with the bottom cut off with neoprene inserts until they get enough roots to put in the bigger pots?

    Or should I transplant them asap? Ill take pics if you still cant understand.

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