rockwool or hydroton, which is better for dwc?

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  1. Just read in a magazine article that rock wool (soiless)or other soiless mediums is a bit more forgiving than using straight hydro ton or other hydro mediums, fixing to start six Dec buckets and his is my first hydro grow so I would like to have a little leeway with my setup, any thoughts, or experience greatly appreciated!
  2. I use rockwool inch cubes to start then put that in a net pot with hydroton. I think you will find that to be pretty much the standard norm.
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    Yea I don't get the question. Maybe it should be rockwool or rapid rooters. Lol gunna need hydroton reguardless

    And I like the rapid rooters. The inoculated with goodness. Use em to start beans reguardless if their goin in dwc or soiless mix. Use to use em for cloning. Now I use a Cloner.
  4. My bad guys, I misunderstood what I was reading lol, feeling like a dumb ass now, I was just too stoned man thanks for the input
  5. So rapid rooters are good, now I was thinking about starting in one in hers and then putting them into bigger cubes when well rooted and into six inch nets pots w that over kill, are the four inch cubes not necessary?

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