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  1. I seem to be having trouble germinating seeds in the rockwool, I've read that just placing the seeds on top of a cube that is 70% submerged until the root is about 1/4th an inch works, but I don't want to "trial and error" any more. I've done a lot of research, but I would like some direct input from people. So all in all, I'm looking for some germinating methods that work best for actual people! Thank you!
  2. i germ in moist paper towels inside 2 plates sitting in a warm area. I just had 100% germ rate using thid method. Once germinated then transplant to your rockwool (make sure you have conditioned the rockwool properly)
  3. My pH is at 5.5-6, and I never had success with the paper towel, perhaps I kept it too moist, or didn't allow enough O2 flow to the seeds?
  4. Put the seeds in a cup of ph'd water for 12-24 hours (usually until they don't float anymore) then take 2 paper towels and fold them into quarters or whatever fits a ziplock baggy. Dampen DON'T soak the paper towels, place your seeds in between them then put the whole deal in the ziplock baggy in a warm place (75-80f) for 12-36 hours (I check on them every 12 or so) until there is about a 1/4 inch tap root showing, then carefully place them in your media.

    Ive used this method many times with excellent success, did 36 within the last month and 100%
  5. Alright, cool. And I take it the taproot should be attempted to be aimed down?
  6. Oh yea my friend. In rockwool has holes in it already just widen the hole a tad so you can get it so "Tap root" downward. I try to move rockwool over the hole so it don't dry up In the hole. And once it's poking through your golden. Gotta be carful tho. Seedlings don't need that much water. Over watering big issue for some. All IMO yo. Good luck. Startin a journal?
  7. Yes you should try but if its being difficult any way will work, don't hurt the taproot trying to get it perfect
  8. Mine turned out fine, I pre soaked my rockwool for about 2 days in 7.0ph level water (although 1day is fine), once your ready take the rockwool out and shake all the excess water out (about 3 good shakes) DON'T SQUEEZE THE ROCKWOOL, insert your seed maybe .5-1 inch deep, and if available put on a heat pad and some sort of lid to keep humidity in, and once they sprout leaves you can go ahead and get a light over them. Here are mine about 5 or 6 days after inserting the seed and my set up (6700k fluorescent bulb

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  9. Oh wow, And would a normal reptile heat pad suffice? And should i still allow a little of air flow while keeping the humidity up waiting for the sprout with that method?
  10. Yes they def need fresh air. If inclosed then that's a recipe for mold and bacteria. Check the start of my journal. That's how I germ'd. If that helps.
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    Ya I'm using a zilla mini 4 watt 1-4g reptile heat pad, and as for the air flow I just moist them each 1 time per day, using the time the cover is off to refresh the air.
  12. Any rockwool product should be pre soaked in 5.5 ph'd water for 1/2 hour minimum. This pre soak releases any limestone in the rockwool into the medium as calcium carbonate which has a very high PH so you must flush it out of the soaked medium. Use a solution that has been ph'd to 5.8 or so with a little bit of nutes in it for the flush.
  13. Okay, I got new seeds, I soaked my RW cube in a 5.7pH solution, I then placed a couple seeds atop of a cube ( soaked in same solution ) 70% submerged, so the seeds won't drown while still being wet, and allowing limited airflow as to avoid molds and bacteria growth. Sound good so far? Will start a Journal forum soon with this as into.
  14. You startin seeds in cube? Or did you germ them? And when you say 70% submerged... Do you have the rockwool soaking in water that much. Or seed in rockwool? Cause you soak cube, take cube out shake 3-4 times to get excess water out. Don't squeeze. Then place cube in a try, put "germed" seed(s) in cube with root tip downward.
  15. I'm starting the seeds on the cube. And the cube is 70% submerged. And that single cube is acting as my "Germ tray".
  16. On as inside or actually on top lol
  17. Actually on top of the cube, like set them on top of it. Had 5/7 germ nice taproots, now have some in dirt to grow and 2 in a hydro system! The water is at 5.7 pH.
  18. Please look at my grow journal in indoor grow. Tell me your thoughts! Thanks

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