Rockwool cubes became moldy in my first grow, what should i do to avoid this?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Dousky, Jan 16, 2023.

  1. I want to give growing another go but last time my cubes got moldy and i want to findout why before i'll start the new ones.
    I am using:
    Could the reason be that the cubes we're planted "too close" to the water stream?
    Could it be because i didn't have any cover for the cubes?
    Only reason i can come up with that wasn't my fault is that one day the air conditioning of my house broke and the moisture inside my apartment had reached 70% when i got home, it was only for a few hours tho.
    Any tips is appreciated since i'm not comfortable asking the salesman if he happens to ask what i'm growing.
  2. Rockwool is an inorganic media which means there is no food source for mould to grow naturally. And water on it's own is not capable of producing mould on an inorganic surface. Now if you are feeding organic material that might be the cause why or if you are dumping nutrients there. H202 will be your best friend here as a quick spray on to the surface will kill and immobilize the fungi on the surface
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  3. Green "Algae" is what you saw not mold. It is common enough and I get it myself.

    None this round.

  4. Are you sure this is nothing to worry about? just h202 and i'm good? For some reason i cannot upload a file so here's a image hosting site i uploaded the picture to:
  5. That opens a thumbnail size and I can't see any detail. Algae usually is bright green and flat on the cube surface. Mold is dirty white or a dull flat green like moldy bread and grows vertically as well as horizontally..
  6. You might try using some rock wool covers.

    These limit the light exposure, ergo no algae growth.
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  7. It's algae, perfectly normal. I get it every grow.

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