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  1. so I started my seed germination today. i soaked the rockwool cubes in water with about four or five caps full of super thrive and then i placed the seeds pointy side down into the rockwool cubes then i placed them into my grow box with no lights on and I'm going to wait 36hrs then im going to take a look and see what has happened. the temps I'm getting in my box are 79 degrees and 52% humidity. is this to hot??? i know i need to keep them warm i do have the fans running on them so i know there getting air. please help!!
  2. Yo thats alot superthrive holy moly one drop lol but man they barely need to be soaked i put um on a paper tower to help soak some water out of the cubes actually failed with rockwool til i figured out about 30 ml of lite ppm feed is all u need in a single cube then all popped clones n seeds.
  3. If to wet itl just rot. Put a lil air moving on um seeds are better cause u dont need 90% humidity.
  4. thats what i thought. i first only used one cap full and soaked the cub in about 4 cups of water and one cap full of superthrive then i read some were i should used two table i took them out and tried again. dam i hope i didn't rune anything. how are my temps looking is that to hot. and i took a look the cube this morning and them seem to be dry on the top. so i guess most of the water has gone already but the bottoms like good still wet.
  5. Holy toledo is right man, four or five caps full of super thrive?..
    My tap is~ 0.2 EC, and that's all I've ever used for popping seeds..Daz it..
  6. Ok, hopefully you didn't give them too much super thrive. I would google the effects of using to much on germinating seeds. To shed a little light on your temp concerns. really the first 36 hours you want the temp of the root zone 78-80 degrees, and the air temp to be about 72-75 degrees. With a high humidity level of about 75 to 85 Rh. After the cotyledon appear, that is the little seedling with 2 sprout leaves, you want to bring your humidity 65-70 Rh after about a week. Your air temp's should remain in the 70-75 degree throughout your show and should never fluctuate more then 10 degrees and should not exceed 85 degrees. Hope that helps.
  7. thanks for the info. i had everything setup right the first time then i second guess my self and ruined the what i did. i hope i didn't ruin anything. i thought that the temps might have been to high to i turned the a/c on last light so it drop to about 62degres in there. i went against everything i read. i saw that a lot of people used the seeds in water route or they had a heat mat. if after 24hr i don't see a sprout are the seeds bad? thanks to every one helping me on this
  8. Get a Humidity Dome, Make sure your Humidity is 80%+ for germination, and your temps are at least 75F. Also make sure your Rockwool Cubes are not Drenched, Shake them hard to rid excess water until its moist, but not saturated. After you see it sprout, you can put it under your Light, and maintain at least 50% - 65% RH.
  9. thank you. really needed that info i was lost on the temps
  10. i think i saved them. good old water in a cup[​IMG]

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