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Rocksmith anyone?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Sherak, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. PS3, 360 and PC... none o you blades been on this?... I held off cos I couldn't justify buying a guitar for what could be a fad but after talking to a friend he said he had a spare guitar, so I borrowed it and bought it for PC and it rocks!... I had a bass back in the day, never really learned how to play it, anyho I ended up picking an old bass up off ebay for peanuts and a friend come round tonight with his guitar and we jammed out on rocksmith! :) don't dismiss it blades! it roks!

    there is also other shit, a space invaders game that you use the axe to control, I shit you not and its addictive as fuck!.... you got hit notes to shoot shit! :)
  2. Seemed neat just too expensive overall. I'd rather just do the pro instruments with RB3. If I already owned a guitar though I'd check it out
  3. I got that rockband 3 u guys should hmu if u play on 360 i got like 450 total songs
  4. I picked up the rocksmith game and guitar package. It's pretty cool, I don't play everyday but I do play a couple times a week and am learning slowly. I hardly see anybody that has it.
  5. I didn't rate the RB3 pro instruments tbh, I didn't try the real guitar but I have the one with a million buttons on it. Was a real pain in the ass.

    And yeah man, I know! the game is seriously under played. Had good sesh on it last night. lotta fun..

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