Rocko's modern life.

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  1. Here is the trailer for the upcoming movie for Rocko's modern life. Honestly it looks like it's going to be awesome and not a single beat has been missed. I look forward to smoking a big ol bowl while watching.
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  2. Hey, Heif

    Ask me what time it is
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  3. Didn't know a movie was coming out for this! Thought it was long gone. Used to love it so much as a teenager. Will be watching with a bowl also!
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  4. Never seen this but that was funny. :laughing: Is he suppose to be a kangaroo ?
  5. LMFAO! He often hears that. Rocko is a Wallaby.
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  6. I'm hyped as hell. For the Hey Arnold special ass well

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  7. Oh damn, getting to watch Rocko was such a treat as a kid! Even more than the Rugrats and Ren and Stimpy. I had no idea they are releasing a movie after all these years! I will definitely watch it if I get the chance :smoke:

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