Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, May 7, 2003.

  1. Finally my pc gets back today- fully workin- problem with the power. hence- me= happy motherfucker as I now have something to do in my spare time. Rock on
  2. doesnt it suck sending computers in for repair? I had to send my laptop in so they would replace the f'ed up cd-rw/dvd they gave me so I had them fix some other little things while they were at it. They fixed everything but the cd-rom and I had to send the damned thing back to cali to get it fixed. And they re-imaged my hard drive both times. It sucks when you have a lot of stuff installed and it's gone so you install it again and it's gone again. I was pissed. At least I had just bought a desktop before that so I could still do my school work and surf the net.
  3. ^^ that would really piss me off since they had no reason at all for reformating!
  4. I know. I was pissed both times. The only problems I had were hardware problems but apparently part of their process is to get rid of my XP Pro and every other fucking thing I put on there. The laptop is now having a minor problem with the screen and the warranty lasts like 2 more weeks. I can't decide if I want to send it in and reinstall everything again or just live with the problem.
  5. id just take the h.d. out... cant fuck with it if they dont have it
  6. ^^ exactly! crack open the case unplug the drive and they can't fuck wit it!
  7. If i send it back in I'll just have my friend at Computer Rennasaince lend me a hd to switch out. Apparently at HP they try to see if it's a software problem first when I could tell them it's hardware problem.

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