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  2. Lil Kim more than any other world leader has shown how to deal with Trump. Play him at his own game, say what he wants to hear, massage his ego and then do what you want.

    Trump's a gombeen man...
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  3. Trump has done more that that muslim and the crooked clintons every thought about doing
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  4. These are not long range missiles. He hasn't violated the agreement. He's just stroking his masculinity in front of his own troops. It's the Rocket Man USO Show.
  5. I COULD NOT have said it better myself!!
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  6. YOU are 100% correct......the problem with that is......all of his "doing" has been BAD for this country.....not good.
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  7. Who cares if rocket man launches some missiles we all know he doesn't have the balls to actually go to war with anyone lmao
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    He knows an actual war is the only thing that would actually threaten his position of power. If he starts military action against another nation he's going to have a dozen other nations busting down his door to remove him from power...
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  9. ALWAYS goes back to $$$$$$$$ if they can make money from it......they will
  10. There's really no $ in toppling Kim Jong Un. Just a bunch of people they could save from abhorrent living conditions.

    We should've stayed in Korea and out of Vietnam...
  11. There is if you do it slowly....
  12. Explain
  13. The people really running things have an interest in military equipment...
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  14. I haven't looked it up , but we have tens of thousands of soldiers in South Korea on the border with North Korea and they have been there for a very long time. Just a heads up.
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  15. That's not exactly accurate. The military industrial complex profits handsomely from our tax dollars. Military contractors use such opportunities to add more multi million dollar deals to their bottom line.

    The US is running out of bombs — and it may soon struggle to make more
  16. The U.S. can make bombs with or without war.
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    The scary part is that they will have to drum up a cause to justify making more.

    As if the likes of Lockheed don't have weapons well beyond bombs, they just aren't a renewable resource. Can't keep charging people to fire up an energy weapon I guess.

  18. It's not so much that the U.S. is down to the last couple of bombs left. It's more about maintaining the inventory.
    Reason to make more? How long has the U.S. been at war in Afghanistan? We've had decades to make more bombs, if war is needed to do so. Suddenly we're panicking because we can see the bottom of the barrel? That just don't add up.
  19. That looks fun!
    I wonder if I could stun fish with that?

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