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Rocket league

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by bayness, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. played for like 3 hours last night. got right back into the swing of it. whenever you on, we'll play
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  2. Should play sometime today man.

    Just let me know when works for you, probably not doin much today.
  3. I'm at level 43 on xbox, painted mantis+dracos/k2s+heatwave looks awesome lol. Can't wait for the new crates :)
  4. New update, same killer

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  5. If you see a sexy blue and orange marauder with apex wheels in competitive that's me, good god I love this thing. Bought a bunch of the cars in a steam sale a while back, and all I play anymore is the marauder. so sexy
  6. Just saw they are going to be adding this for the Switch so looks like I will be buying a third time
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  7. I'm Diamond 2-3 and I also play Rumble. I'm from the EU. Anyone up for a game or two?
  8. Season before last I was high silver, last season I was mid gold, and so far this season I'm mid platinum :D

    Also has anyone actually had a halloween crate drop for them? I've only been able to get them with candy corn, like come on. No drops at all in 40+ games? Hell I've gotten 3 player's choice crates since the event started
  9. 2018: Still Clutch af

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