Rocket league

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  1. Anyone play? Psn : jaybased
  2. The current best game on PS4.
    PSN: TheGoddessAurora.
  3. my friend and i play 2v2 ranked matches online.

    he's pretty good all around. he can score and he is pretty good at playing goalie.

    im honestly not very good. i can score occasionally and i have some nice assists, but im mostly a player who scraps for the ball and tries to help out wherever i can.

    we dominate some games and get dominated in other games. so we are pretty hit or miss i guess.

    if a 3rd or even 4th person would like to play with us, let me know. preferably someone who is good at scoring to make up for my lack of scoring.

  4. 670 ranked rating in doubles going up
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    agree,670 ranked rating in doubles going up\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t[​IMG]
  6. PC player here, this game supposedly has PC - PS4 matches. Any other people on pc? This game is fuckin magical. I use SweetFX injector to make it even more beautiful
  7. I'll play with you since i finally got my ps4 to work with an ethernet cable. Idk how good i am though I always just join random games.
  8. hell yeah man lets do it. you're probably better than me. im seriously one of the worst players ive seen so far lol.
  9. @Budbutler told me about this game and Idk why i didnt get it sooner.

    This game is fuckin awesome :D
  10. LOVE this game so much im Budbutler on steam lets play im getting pretty good
  11. Starting to feel more confident in online matches . I prefer 3v3 overall. Almost lvl 10 :metal:
  12. 3v3 felt a little to hectic with randoms for me plus they always tend to leave the goal and all group around the ball which is not what you want gotta play zones or it's easy for people to walk all over you

  13. number 7 is by far the best my Arial game is terrible
  14. Dude I agree I hate when the dude furthest back starts charging the ball while the two strikers are already closer and not right next to the goal.

    I usually play goalie for my teams but it's not to hard to get the ball moving in order to switch to strike position.
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    I always loosely follow the ball and then when it gets into a little bit of space or around the goal i'm pretty good at scoring

    i like 4 on 4 or 3 on 3 the best. preferably 4 on 4 tho
  16. looks like a dope game.
  17. it is fantastic
  18. This game has consumed all my playing time on my ps4 now haha. Literally none of my other games get any love anymore lol
  19. you should play with me and my friend. we need some scoring punch. we're usually pretty good at defense.

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