Rock wool and Germination

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  1. Okay I've got my 3 widow seeds cracked, I have already put the first one in a 1" rock wool cube that was presoaked. I'm gonna let the other 2 go a little longer before putting them into 1" rock wool cubes as well. My question is, the one that is already in a cube seems to be getting a little dry around the top but the cube still has a little weight to it, indicating water. I'm curious as to whether or not I can water it just a little with a spoon or something with some distilled water to keep the cube moist enough for the young girl? Recommendations please?
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  3. Who you think you are. You think you can just come here and poof. lol im very new to the grow game but i figured i have done some research i thought maybe i could help. Ya i dont think it will hurt it. Maybe if you get a little spray bottle and just spray your little babies every ounce in ahiwle. Then again i am a ammature at this so i could be wronge but ya i think you could wet it a little!!!!:eek:
  4. Yes, you can use a spoon as a water-transport vessel, with which to deliver additional moisture to the grodan cube.

    The real question should be: SHOULD you water it? Hmmm.... perhaps searching on this topic will yield you some direction.

  5. Every search I Did Say Not To Water Im a Newbie So Im going by What OTHERS with High Rep or Moderator status are saying. I searched the spray bottle Thing PLEase DO NOT Do This Several Threads indicated MOLD possibilities. From what I've Seen The Best Suggestion Was Washing your hands and covering them in distilled water then Gently letting the droplets Hit The OUTSIDE RIM of the Pot and leaking into soil. This Is the best info i COuld find for you. Hope I Helped!
  6. do u have anything over them to keep the humidity up initially? When I plant my germinated seeds i put a sandwich bag over them to keep it a little warm and little moist and those babies pop right on up, then just take the bag off em and let em grow till transplant
  7. I have a big propagation dome I could put over the tray that they are currently in. They seem to be growing up fine without it though. However I will go ahead and tell everyone that after waiting so long for an answer to my question, I went ahead and watered them just a little with some distilled water poured straight from the 1 gallon jug it came in. They seem to be fine a day later after doing so. Thanks for info everyone.
  8. The key word was 'seem' in my prior post. It has been 4 days since I put the first cracked seed into the 1" rock wool cube and it still is yet to grow out of the block. I can see that it is growing in the cube and it looks like it is supposed to be should it really be taking this long for it just to pop out of the cube? The bag seed plant's I have tried in the past did not take this long. I have a 4' fluorescent light directly above the cube (which is in a black flat), 2" from the top of the cube. It uses a 40w warm white and 40w cool white bulb. When this seed was put into the cube, it was put in with the tap root facing up toward the light which did not seem to be a problem as I saw signs of growth right away. Could this be why it has not grown out of the cube yet? Also I have 3 other seeds cracked, they all popped one day after another so I have 4 cubes that are all a day apart from each other. The 2nd one I believe may not make it as when I was pushing it down into the rock wool cube (tap root down) I heard a crack (assuming the seed), so maybe it will make it and maybe it won't. The other 2 I had no problems with and they seem to be fine, it looks like the seeds are getting even closer to the surface of the rock wool cube which is good. Random info about my grow room environment: humidity usually around 30-38%, temperature usually anywhere from 78F to 85F (highest I ever saw it at), water used for the white widow seedlings is only distilled water, water used for my tomatoes / single bag seed plant is tap water that is pH adjusted with a 15-30-15 miracle grow (seem to be growing okay however the bag seed struggled at first, I believe it was a combination of pH being off and the MG nutrients). Anyways sorry about the rambling, just wanted to get some info out there and try to have my questions answered about my WW seedlings.
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    Well the only logical thing that I have been able to come up with to answer my own questions is that they need some darkness as I've been running the (3) 4' fluoros 24/7 since I put the seeds into the rock wool. I'm really stoned right now so this might not sound right. Suggestions?
  10. I'm assuming no one has an answer for me?
  11. well by ur post of humidity i'd say its too low..i'd still put a sandwich bag over them till they stick out about an 1" but thats just what i do
  12. did u soak your rockwool for 24hrs in ph correct water cause I also know some rockwool comes with an acidic ph to them that will burn ur seeds if you don't do this....

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