Rock The Bells!!! FUCK YEAH!!!!

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  1. So i went to rock the bells yesterday. Me and my buddy got a half O fro $100 of some dankity dank from my friend's dad. We left for the train around 1030 and when we got on there were HELLA people going to RTB. We talked to a few and i got a nap in while i could.

    After we got there it turns out my buddy, N, forgot his ticket in the car......dumbass.......we had to take the traing back (hour and 20 minute ride) then get it and come back. We were trippin out cause we thought we missed Cypress Hill. We got there and it turns out the schedule on the website was wayyy off. Public Enemy was still playing (even flavor flav was there!!) for another 45 minutes.

    As soon as we got inside and comfortable we bought a blueberry blunt wrap. N rolled one up and i was talking to this guy that was tripping on shrooms and he ended up giving me a handful (weighed out to 1.5 exactly when i got home) and he told me to be careful cause they're "bangers" (i'm gonna find out tonight! :D ) after that we walked around until cypress started then we moved up closer.

    They opened up with I wanna get high (of course) and we sparked the blunt and made like 8 friends in 30 seconds lol we were all smoking and talking and just fuckin around. After Cypress Hill finished we went and met up with this one guy we met on the train on the way there. After buying a shirt and checking out the pipes we went back for Wu-Tang Clan......they weren't all that great but the beats were sick.

    Then Rage Against The Machine was supposed to come on at 8:00 but they didn't start until around 8:50-ish but they were so FUCKING KICK ASS!!!!! it was awesome!!!!! i couldn't believe that there were only a few small mosh pits, you could feel the energy and the ground shaking from all the people jumping around and screaming.

    Over all it was a kick ass night, we smoke like half the bag and we were retarded stoned.

    I'm trying to get N some candy right now and i'm gonna be eating the shrooms tonight while him and our other friend, L, roll tonight........:D

    I'll get pics the shrooms/a blunt when i got home and vids of cypress hill and rage against the machine
  2. FUCK YEAH ROCK THE BELLS WAs FUCKING AWSOME, i went with my brother. sad part was is i did shrooms all day and smoked alot so its all kinda fuzzy oh and too bad it was sooo fucking hot the hyundai pavillion blows
  3. Hahaha i waited to take my shrooms.......i actually did them last night and they guy was right, they were fucking bangers.....i could barely walk straight.....didnt help that i started drinking jager and sauza towards the end of my peak (only to make it crazier =P)

    Now i need a website to upload the videos to......they're .3pgg format or some shit (from a cell phone....)

    and ill upload pics of the boomers, a blunt and my trip later.....maybe tomorrow.....
  4. Sounds pretty badass man.
  5. yes man it was the shit. i was smoking blunts and hash all day a
  6. Yeah I went to the NY show, it was sick. Hahaha my friend actually forgot his ticket in the car too and didnt realize it till halfway thru the train ride. He had to convince two conductors to let us get free rides so we didn't have to pay again haha. It was a sick concert though, Wu-Tang, Rage, MF Doom, Cypress Hill, some really good music there. I was just pissed that I got there late and missed Jedi Mind and Immortal Technique. Good show definitely.

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