Rock the Bells 2009

Discussion in 'General' started by allend10289, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. Who's goin? and do they search harshly for ganja? Any pointers on how to sneak it in?

  2. i went last year. My friends all put blunts in their socks. I put an eighth, rolling papers, and 2 blunts in my pocket and was fine hehe (this was in NY at jones beach though, so venue depends i guess). I also made MADDD loot from bringing rolling papers. Someones asked me for one, 2 seconds later. another - so i started charging a dollar a paper!!! I made like 13 bucks haha
  3. I went last year too, it was sikk method man stage dove and was about 3 feet away from me....supernatural was UNREAL !!!!

    nas is geh

    and yeah everyone else was awesome except the cool kids pfft more like the dorky kids :rolleyes:

    but yeah necro this year...Damion Marley ....KRS ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!
    i will see it in toronto this year again if I go

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