Rock in my foot, ant in my sink!

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    Ok, so a couple months ago me and two of my friends got this really strong ganja and we smoked a ton of it (surprise :smoke: surprise).. anyways, so we finish smoking and we decide to step outside to walk somewhere. As we start walking I feel this really sharp pain almost like a pine needle is jabbing into my foot or a really sharp rock is in my shoe so i go "Guys wait a second, theres a rock in my foot I have to get out" so i take my shoe off and theres NOTHING in my foot/shoe and the pain goes away. I put my shoe back on and there it is again my foot has a needle jabbing into it WTF!:mad: so now im getting pissed and we have to stop again to get this shit out of my foot, I look theres nothing. Once i dehigh it went away, still never found out what it was.

    Now heres the problem... EVERY time i've been high since then I ALWAYS FEEL A GOD DAMNED ROCK IN MY FOOT (Sharp needle pain) and I don't know what the hell it is am i just so high that i'm feeling a needle in my foot? Has this ever happened to anyone here or anything similar.. I can't enjoy my high ever if i'm in pain and it gets more painful and painful as i keep going until i check and then it restarts... like fuck!
    :confused:The hell do I do? It happens EVERY time.

  2. Simple. Cut off you foot.
  3. probably has something to do with impulses and nerves, and weeds effect on them. past that i cant really tell u much
  4. Do you know if there is anything I can do to get rid of it?

    Other than cutting off my foot..
  5. I don't understand the ant in the sink part.
  6. maybe theres something stuck in your shoe?

  7. Haha! thats exactly what i was thinking after I read this.

  8. Its because when I had the "Rock in my foot" we were walking along super baked and made a song called "Theres a rock in my foot" and a couple weeks later, me and the same people got baked again and we saw an ant in my sink and i said "THERES AN ANT IN MY SINK" and then someone brought up Rock in my foot and we thought Rock in my foot and ant in my sink kind of rhymed at the time and it just went with the song I guess.. :cool:
  9. i sometimes get this but in a less fortunate area. my poor, poor right testicle. after a while i started to put together the tactile hallucinations of weed and this pain may be related. stopped thinking about it and it was gone. lol dont know if this is strange or not but this is just my experience. try not focusing on it. also when your high you tend to forget to put yourself in a comfortable position while doing things. you might just walk odd while your high and it hurts your feet idk. lol stoned rambling:smoke: hope it helped for once
  10. Elwooded, this is EXACTLY what I thought.. I always think am I just walking on my foot funny and it is messing it up? And when I'm focused on something else or laughing my ass off.. I don't notice it but then when I think about my foot it comes and gets stronger..

    I'll try to just forget about it and hopefully it will go away for good

    Thanks man!:hello:
  11. maybe you should put a rock in your shoe...walk a little when high with it...then take it out...maybe it will work
  12. Next time it happpens, tell it to go away and never come back. And it will :smoke:
  13. Reminds me of my redneck roomate who I shared a dorm room with. He had an old pistol, that was rough and out of shape, so he took out some of his redneck tools and started to polish/grind this shit, to clear up the metal and texture. Anyways for the next 2 months (until we moved into our apartment) we were getting metal splinters in our foot, this shit would jab through socks and into your foot with a vengeance and take a bit of blood. I remember I was working at wal-mart loading some mulch when I got the SHARP pain right into the bottom of my foot and i completely gave out balance in my right leg and fell over with a bag of mulch. Metal splinters = not fun
  14. One day I dropped my blue beloved glass pipe and shattered the mouthpiece. Every day afterward, every once in a while I got a sharp quick pain in my right foot. One day, The pain got super annoying (because it only comes when I'm on my feet a certain way) and I took my sock off and asked them to look at my foot. Surely enough, they got the tweezers and pulled a blue piece of glass out of my foot. I love that pipe, and even though the mouth piece is shattered I still use that pipe. She's my love :smoking:

    Moral of the story is... check your foot. It could be something microscopic.
  15. use crutches everywhere you walk when your high?
  16. If it is always in the same spot, feel with your fingers inside the shoe. Use a little pressure. If you stioll can't find the source, flip the shoe over and carefully check the bottom.:smoking:
  17. trying cleaning out your shoes
    like taking the sole out and checking for little shards of glass, maybe try wearing another pair of shoes when you're baked?
    wear 2 pairs of socks?:p
    good luck.

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