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  1. Searching out the local places for rock dust and came across a nursery supply about 1/2 hr. drive away on an a web search. They don't have rock dust listed but they carry azomite dust and so I emailed them and inquired about rock dust such as granite dust. The guy emailed me back with this message:
    Any links that you all may have to help educate this guy? I am fairly new to rock dust as well so I am not sure what link is good info. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the links guys.
    I sent them to this guy at the nursery and he said:

    "Thanks yes I know Don Weaver who helped write the book. He lives locally, he likes the Gaia Glacial Green Rock Dust"

    Is this a good rock dust to put in the organic soil mix posted by ITG?
    I have no personal experience using it but I believe it should work well for you.
    If there is an optimal rock dust (which is debatable) it is glacial rock dust
  5. Gandalf, so are you giving a thumbs up on the glacial green rock dust my friend?
  6. For sure.... you gotta get a rock dust, and it's pretty much the best.  I wouldn't pay 3x as much for it, if I had granite or basalt dust available cheaper.... but if I was given the choice of any rock dust, I would choose glacial.

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