Rock dust in the mix?

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  1. I add sand to my mix to improve drainage, and to give the peat substrate a bit more structure. I also add some grit, preferably lava rock chips if the budget stretches to that, otherwise builders´ grit.
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    Excellent find. It makes perfect sense. I do provide all of the micro nutrients needed with the Plant-tone and Tomato-tone fertilizer I use. It contains greensand and assorted minerals and metals. You can check the analysis on the site.

    I'll keep an eye out for rock dust though.

    + rep in my mind...can't add any right now.

    The recommended qty is 5 pounds per square yard. That may not be a good choice for an outdoor grow...but it sure would get you in shape to haul water this summer. LOL


    The essential mineral elements are:

    Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, chlorine, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, molybdenum, and nickel.

    In addition to the essential mineral elements are the beneficial elements, elements which promote plant growth in many plant species but are not absolutely necessary for completion of the plant life cycle, or fail to meet Arnon and Stout's criteria on other grounds. Recognized beneficial elements are:

    Silicon, sodium, cobalt, and selenium

    Other elements that have been proposed as candidates for essential or beneficial elements include chromium, vanadium, and titanium, although strong evidence is lacking at this time.

    Another group is the essential nonmineral elements, elements taken up as gas or water, which are:

    Hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon
  3. Damn Oldskool: you know your shit. Do you teach this in college? Lol. Yeah it's a pretty cool thing to add if your garden isn't rich with manures and ferts (even if it is). It won't burn the plants and helps out. The green sand is a good way to get elements gfrom sea water (that's qhy it's green I guees, from the algae). I don't have FF Ocean forest here. Oldskool, how much would you say for a 3x3x3 hole. Maybe a handful?

    Ok Cantharis. I read that lava rock is used for mulch but it's color attracts the heat. I suppose you use smaller lava chips in your mix to aerate and drain. Does it add important elements or is it mostly for texture?
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    The recommended qty is 5 pounds per square yard.

    3 feet X 3 feet = 1 sq. yard

    No...I'm not all that smart I'm just curious and know how to find information.
  5. Thanks buddy. I appreciate it!
  6. I have been adding pulverized dolomite lime to my grow holes for spring. does this qualify as rock dust? Maybe Oldskool can educate me or maybe I should do my own home work.

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