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Rock Bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TokeXC, Mar 8, 2011.

  1. Okay so this weekend me and a friend smoked some weed that was very dense but, broke down into like pebbles of weed, if you can imagine. My friend said it was dank. because it was like that it just means it was grown well and dried right. I said it wasn't dank and that it was dense like that because it was compressed.

    Which one of us is right or are both of us wrong?
  2. Bud can be pretty dense. But if it was compressed it would probably be flat and have lost most of the hairs and visible trichomes.
  3. Well the bud was unusually smooth, it had no leafy nature to it. IT was like you were holding small rocks that were light, green, with orange spots.
  4. Sounds compressed to me.
  5. Just get a grinder, won't matter how dense it is lol.
    I've grinded some real dense reg back in the day and it always turns out fine,
    I've had some fairly dense dank as well too and really, it'll be fine if you grind it.
  6. Was it round-ish or squashed? It could be well-trimmed...
  7. I'm not worried about that, me and a friend are just having an argument and i wanted to see if one of us was right.
  8. it was roundish.
  9. You are right, he is wrong. A good dank weed is rarely compressed, it just sounds like the stuff was cured while compressed. When its dry and then compressed, it tends to stay fluffy.
  10. Usually when it is more dense its chronic.. usually more sativa as well. It very well may have been dank.. heh, there are levels of dankness ;)

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