Rock bass lines

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by dr_krapp, Jul 6, 2003.

  1. ok im just wondering what u guys think about rock bass lines

    do u prefer the fast all over the place bass line
    or the slower one that goes which keeps a medium between the drums a guitar? and why?

    i prefere the slower one cos i think the fast one make that songs sound thrown together and random. you?
  2. if you've got any filesharing program, try to track down the song "go skate!" by suicidal tendencies. their bassist is crazy
  3. listen to brave new world by iron maiden to hear some tight well mixed expert quality bass.
  4. huh? what I don't like is the hard rock standard bass lines wich is just the basic root note trough the song, dundundundundundundundundudn....
  5. but a band shud just play together maybe the odd gnarly solo/crazy bassline but really good music goes toether :D well in my eyes

  6. Standard bass lines? basic root note throught the song??? Are we talkin bout the same guy? I think not - he's quite the oppposite, sure theres the "bomp bom-ba bomp" to carry parts of songs, respectfuly, but hes all over the fretboard, and all w/out a pick- a master of the bass.
  7. It depends on the song. If it's a faster song, it's nice to have a fast and simple bass line--I think it creates a better mood for the song. If the song is slower or funkier, I think it helps to have more elaborate bass. Also, if you're playing some sorta progressive music like Dream Theatre, you gotta play fast and funky to keep up with all of the other bassists you're trying to sound better than.

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