Rock Band 2/1 XBL Invitation

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by calikevin87, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Come play some tunes with me! I'll be drumming on expert, would like to get at least one more person, guitar or vocals doesn't really make a difference to me. I am almost done exporting the Rock Band 1 songs into Rock Band 2 so I am able to play with anyone else who has done that also.

    my Xbox LIVE gamertag is webdevour, add me up or post yours so I can invite you.
  2. Bump for a midday jam session instead of a midnight one?
  3. Too bad you don't play the real game; Gh3 or GHWT
  4. I have GHWT, but the selection is shit. RB2s Tour mode has so much more going on.

    To be honest, the only reason I have GHWT is for the Tool songs... Which I can't play on expert just yet.
  5. Guitar is better on WT than rb2 imo.

    Tool songs kinda suck :(
  6. Well that wouldnt surprise, seeing as the guitar is the main focus on the GH games... RB focuses more on the band as a whole, and to me it's just a whole different level of fun.
  7. I got rockband 2.

    gamertag is Nujabes02.

    add me if you want to play sometime
  8. Awesome! I'll add you after I finish eating.

    Do you have all the Rock Band 1 songs too? It's cool if not, it'll just limit our playing ability slightly. :p

  9. I got the free 20 DLC and the Rockband 1 Export Songs.

    I play expert Guitar and Bass up to like the middle tier, and hard up to the very last tier(things like Battery and Visions and Painkiller i can't do).
  10. Haha, sounds exactly like me. This should be perfect (I just tried Painkiller on Expert earlier tonight, go to 3%! woohoo!)
  11. Got 95 percent through Green Grass and High Tides on expert the other day, I was pretty pissed when I failed so close to the end lol. I'm in the UK so my time zone will be different but i'll send you a FR soon.
  12. I just Gold Starred on Dani California, with a streak around 850 notes... Pretty sure it was a 99% performance, I'm just curious as to when these gold stars came about and what it takes to earn them.

    Anyone else gotten one of these yet?

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