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  1. "We listen to two types of music in this car: rock...AND roll."

    So I am fairly new to GrassCityforums

    A musician.

    An artist.

    A soul.

    guitar....electric(+bass), acoustic, ukulele, mandolin, anything

    Am I the only one who believes that this generation (18-25) year olds should start your Cd collection right now!!? When you're all grown up and want to have a message to pass on to your children or whatever you may have, CD's- the raddest form of music for a generation if you ask me- will be clutch for you. I just bough an ACDC live album today. As well as PF's "Dark Side of the Moon" and Pearl Jam's "Ten". Can't wait to pass them on to my youngin's
  2. I honestly don't understand why people would buy a digital album over a CD. Physical copies are better for the economy.
  3. I started my cd collection when I was 13 or so. Currently my shit is jammed with Van Halen, AC/DC, Motley Crüe, GNR and so on and so on. I'm proud of it
  4. fuck cds get a turntable and collect the most legit format there is vinyl

  5. /thread
  6. I've been on a cd buying spree lately, gotta get some new vinyl!

    But either way physical copies of music=better sound quality.

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