Rock and Roll... what happened?

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  1. Man, what the hell happened to rock and roll? People always argue about punk being dead... But what about rock and roll? If punk is dead then Rock and Roll is on life support. Some bands understand and appreciate it, like the white stripes. But what about psychedelic rock. That has been dead for years. Jimi Hendrix, the Doors... no similar music will ever come about, and if it has... someone please point me in the right direction.

    Someone please reply... this needs to be discussed.
  2. I think that every music has it's place and time, and the 60's just seemed to fit psychedelic rock... it would be nice to have them around still, but at least we can appreciate it still :smoking:
  3. that is true too. But it is kind of disappointing knowing that this music doesn't have a future.
  4. I bet it gets resurrected sometime in the future... and everybody will go "what the fuck kind of music is this?!" :D
  5. Phish, Moe., String Cheese Incident, and Widespread Panic are still playing music that's similar to psychedelic bands like The Grateful Dead. The counterculture of the 60's is gone, however, which means that bands catering to the "hippie" audience won't be popular again. No worries, though. You can listen to whatever you want! :D
  6. You should listen to The Mars's kinda got a psychedelic feeling. Other than classic rock, this is the only band I'll listen to stoned. Cicatriz ESP is a 12 minute journey of a song complete with two guitarists soloing at the same time. It's freaking great, as is the rest of their debut album.
  7. Well, one must remember that like in humans, there is an evolution to everything. Musical eveolution is no exception. THere is something called "popular culture" which makes things in style. In the 60's the popular cultrue was with phycadelic rock. Now i feel it is with rap. I love punk ska and god rock.

    But you have to understand also, that there is a limit to the amount of exploration you have on a guitar. There is a limited amount to room. So it is hard to be totally new if it has been done already. Sorry to break the news to ya, but rock needs an epiphany.

    Long post, but it is my worthless two cents


  8. prog rock like dream theater, etc...i dont know where im going but, its good
  9. man i was just thinking about this, i was checking out what concerts are comign through town this summer. and i was thinkning about how theres no good rock and roll bands or concerts to goto

    ..theres a dead & allman brothers concert on July 3rd, but eh who wants to see the dead without Jerry?

    there might be a dylan & willie nelson concert this summer ..not sure though that would be nice though...

    there are still some good bands/musicans out there, and to all you on the city that play guitar, drums, ect ..bring back Rock & Roll!
  10. yeah mars volta kicks ass i have been playing their album non stop. but if you wnna check out another good band listen to coheed and cambria. a favor house atlantic is a good song.

    its pretty good
  11. Its not dead. Just not so mainstream anymore. If you sign up to some rock message boards im sure youll get some good bands. Dream Theater is good rock. I think if you liked pychadelic rock youd probably like prog.
  12. i agree with iseesmurfs420, the 60's and 70's were bursting with awesome bands like the kinks and hendrix and led zepplin. Of course classics like led zep and hendrix don't come every day, but there are some pretty damn good rock 'n' roll bands, you just have to look underground. I'll give you a list of a few i've been listening to:
    the datsuns (more mainstream i know, but still good)
    imortal lee county killers (quality blues rock)
    the modey lemon
    the rapture (really crazy avant garde stuff)
    the D4
    the davey brothers
    the white stripes (listen to their first album, it really is a classic)
    black rebel motorcycle club
  13. yes i friggin love the white stripes. Every one says they suck because they only hear the songs they have played on the radio. Most of those songs are pretty annoying. If you are a blues fan and you haven't heard their cover of "Death Letter" (Son House), it is definitely worth listening to.
  14. yeah, the white stripes are great, their first album is one of the best albums i've ever bought. Elephant was a real let down. If people listen to their earlier stuff they might like them more
  15. Rock isnt main stream anymore. al the good rock bands are underground, like Modest mouse, even though they are gettin more popular. RHCP still are rock, and Volta is rock.
  16. modest mouse have a video on MTV now
  17. Wtf are you talking about? Now pull the fingers out of yer ears'n go listen about. There are soooo many great new rock and psychedelic bands. Only they don't all appear on MTV. Which I think is good.
  18. i no how you feel man, but i mean it could never be as good as it used to be if you no what i mean
  19. Like all bands now suck balls to the max. What the hells the deal with rap it just sounds like losers who didn't wanna learn to make their own music so they just rhymed about their hoe's and the ghetto. Punk used to be ok but now it's like a pop band with instruments they can't play well and lyrics that are not punk. Heavy metal has gone from midblowing guitar work and professional musicians to some guys with masks that don't say real words and make the loudest simplist songs imaginable.

    I like music where the music flows together well and you can listen to the perfectly made songs for hours. Lots of rock and roll bands don't just slap together a song they tweak it untill it's perfect, if you listen carefully you can notice so many little details they added in, the only reason so many really good old songs didn't make the charts was becasue they were longer than 3 minutes which the stations demanded so so many bands were unnoticed. Annother reason rock and roll was so good was becasue they all had blues musicians that they idolized and blues in my opinion is some of the best made music becasue all they did was play live and to be big you had to be the best of the best at playing. If you ever have a chance go and see a blues band or two preform, if your interested in the music than it will blow your mind, it's not a concert of banging your head arround you have total concentration while watching.

    thats my two maybe three cents. :hello:

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