robots is this bad

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  1. Alright in I am sitting in a sociology class today and we start talking about technology of the future and the professor starts saying that Japan in working on robots that can replace nurses and teachers. It got me think when will we become obsolete. If we have robot doing all of our jobs and cleaning up after us what role will we play in society. In the future will there be a job out there that a human will do. We use robots in today's society but we still have to control them. What will happened the day that a robot will be able to walk over to a bomb and defuse it, or when a human is no longer need to perform surgery's a robot will be able to perform it with 100% success rate. Today robots make cars, in the future will robots make other robots. Will there be jobs for human to do. Think about this. This time may not be as far as we think
  2. yeh the way we are advancing it may just be sooner than we think, i dont mind sitting smoking dope and watching a robot do my crappy job... :smoking:
  3. Robots, Mexicans, same thing.

    I kid, I kid! But seriously, until they can program a robot to be creative and intellectual, there will still be white-collar jobs. Someone has to think of the things for the robots to actual do, unless they start making robot managers and robot middle men and robot CEOs.

    Interestingly, robots have already replaced a lot of blue collar jobs. Assembly lines use robots, but you can be damn sure that those positions used to be manned by, well, men, until robots came along to do a better job.

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