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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by master kush420, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. This is just a little concept that i thought of.

    If you build a robot and give it all 5 senses, ability to learn and recall information and problem solving skills, then it would be considered to be conscious and have a sense of awareness in this natural world.

    This would be considered to have a sense of consciousness and awareness right? just like a human being. Then one day you shoot the thing with a gun. Would you assume that the robot died and went to an afterlife? Why would you think humans are any more likely to go to an afterlife?
  2. or any of the other great apes that also fill those requirements.
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    Problems with your analogy....

    -What "built" humans? Why does anything exist, opposed to nothingness?

    2. How would the robot be conscious?

    -Senses could be made artificially, but a robot's actions from those senses would be based on it's programming.

    3. How would the robot be self-aware?

    -I don't understand the basis to this assumption.

    If you really think you understand reality, and what happens to subjective consciousness upon death, reconsider. No one knows. But don't get me wrong, anyone expecting to sit on a cloud, playing harp, upon death is equally fooling themselves.
  4. Er, I think that's exactly what we are. Robots. :(
  5. You do realize that this is impossible if we cant even fully understand how our own brains work.

    Well you would have to assume that our creations work the same way as nature has created us which is again impossible if we can not understand how we are here and the forces that made us, well... us.

  6. No. I would assume that one bullet will not be enough, so I'll fire some RPG and bomb the crap out the robot. THEN I'll assume it's dead.

    And I'll send it to a junkyard rather than an afterlife.
  7. I think its possible to give a robot senses, neuroscientists and researchers say that in the next several years we are going to have the capabilities to mimic the human brain pretty well.

    And sorry if this analogy has a few holes in it, because i was wicked high when i thought of it. Im just saying that the idea of a vessel that is supposed to transport the immortal soul to another plane/dimension of existance has never been found to exist. So im just saying that were just temporary beings in this universe that have a sense of consciousness and awareness for a short time. Nothing may happen when we die, but we will never know.
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    I see where you're coming from, the afterlife is all probably wishful thinking. Perhaps its my ego, refusing to accept that I will cease. I don't know. Life in general is so amazing, my existence... opposed to what? It's hard for me to accept that life isn't divine.. whatever that entails. I don't feel there's a God watching over my shoulder, or that I have any purpose, but instead just free to experience.

    Anyway, I liked your thread because I was entertaining the thought last night of uploading consciousness. It is likely 'out there' but I was imagining an artificial brain being developed, and once a scan of some sort was done on the biological brain, it was copied over to the technological one. And somehow consciousness was transfered with it. :D Anyway, from there, memory, "processor", could be upgraded like a pc. I wondered, what is my purpose in life.... if ever given the opportunity to experience non-biological consciousness, would I? Should I? Would I regret the decision, or is the sole purpose of this life to push the envelope in that direction? Then I made the Connection to "the Matrix", the machine God in the third movie, anyway... :smoking:

  9. Speak for yourself:wave:
    This body is simply the biocomputer and only one can answer for themself if there is a soul or spirit encased within this "shell".

  10. Smoke some dmt and try it with shamans or those that can guide the trip in a grounded space where you can work with the visions that come. We are the only ones who can see and prove this other dimension or afterlife and for some it comes through trauma,intense stress, near death experiences, spiritual awakening, intense tripping etc. Maybe some don't have souls IDK? I don't think there is any way to prove this immortal soul exists scientifically but is up to the individual and their personal journey.

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