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  1. Ok so me and some friends had some real dank bud, afguey or white rhino or something and we thought, hey lets go the extra step. so we put a nug or two in our small stone pipe and then.... poured robutussion (cough syrup) on it, and lit up. it was the most amazing expirrence of my life and i would do it again, but it may not be safe so i dont do it too often. i was wondering if anyone else had done this, and if they thought it was as amazing as my exprience. btw its called robo-copping
  2. I'd rather drink the DXM and then blaze... lacing it is a waste.. (like smoking cocaine IMO)... but DXM + weed is nice (i'm on 348mg right now) because when you blaze you cough much less (cough suppressant ;))
  3. well we tried it both ways, like one plain bowl and one robocop bowl and it was lke times better at least, so i dunno
  4. You can smoke robotussin?
  5. the real question is.....why? people love smoking random shit and i dont see the attraction. i came across a thread about someone who was freebasing is wrong with society. to each there own though....
  6. placebo to the fullest...
    smokin dxm did not get you high, plain and simple

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