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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheRock420RVD, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. anyone in here ever try it? lol, I have a few times, I puked almost every time, used Corocidin
  2. Several times. The most fucked up I've ever been from it was when I chugged a bottle of prescription Histinex. I fell asleep watching my wall morph, and when I woke up I was staring at my body from above.
  3. They are starting to sell them pure dxm gelcaps again over the counter at like meijer and shit.

    Last time i did it tho i got a fucking hardcare rash. my whole body was turning red and shit
  4. i also got a friend who can extract it from the syrup. and when hes all done its like a little shot you have todo. one time we accidently did like 2 bottles worth each and got so fucked up. i tripped for more than 12 hours hard it was crazy
  5. I tripped out on DXM last night. I took 9 coridin tablets (30mg each). I was smoking a lot too. I rolled up one or two blunts and we drove around. The combination gets so intense, you don't even know what's going on. I guess it's not for everyone. You get screwed up
  6. yea man we hit our peak walking around in a meijers at night. it was fucked up

  7. hah wish that happened to me.

    i have drunk 2 bottles of robotussin before, it tastes like shit and takes about half an hour to kick in, but once it does kick in you trip really hard. my trip lasted a few hours i cant even remember how long exactly coz i was so fucked up, when u walk it feels like your walking through quick sand and everything is spinning its like being drunk and stoned at the same time but alot more intense.
  8. I've done CCCs a few times, one time was so incredible, the only way I can describe it is being enveloped in Dark Side of the Moon (it was playing haha). Literally I would look places, and I could see the music. Absolutely indescribable. Then I would be a college professor one second, and then a rodent, and then floating, watching myself type on my computer. And then I looked in the mirror, my head fell off, and after that all I remember is waking up in the corner of my bed in a ball. DXM is fucking crazy, but I don't think I'll do it again just because it's too dangerous.
  9. CCC are extremely dangerous. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone.

    DXM is pretty good for a high schooler drug. (Ive never done pure DXM, like via extraction) When I was in high school id pull all-nighters, get like 2-3 bottles of cough syrup and go to school robotripping aka being drunk and a little trippy. (thats pretty much the feeling)

    I hear pure DXM is pretty badass though.
  10. High schooler drug? Sounds a little degrading...
  11. Yeah, i dont think many adults would drink 2 bottles of cough syrup.. Atleast i know that since ive matured i wouldnt do it.

    There are much better substances available that produce similar if not better results.

    I think robo-tripping is something you do because you cant get ahold of anything else. or just to try it as novelty. either way.. drinking cough syrup to get fucked up is juvenile.
  12. first of all dont take ccc because taking too much can easily kill you. ive heard of peopel getting cardiac arrest on just 8, taking anything mroe than a box is asking for big problems, i dont recommend taking it at all.

    after a while dxm takes somethin from you that you can't get back...

  13. It's something worth experiencing imo, but not something I think I'll ever do again. I had one good trip and one shitty one, and I'm content with other substances now.

    Like mushrooms. I prefer them to DXM by far. I've got all the supplies to give my cubie grow another shot. Should be fun :)

    And like dude said...CCC's are bad, mmm'kay? Use medications that contain DXM only (man, I type this line way too much).
  14. if you get coricedin make sure it is the cough and cold type or ccc

    ^ ONLY source of dxm you wanna fuck with bro

    they usually (and ironically) are under 3 bucks and on buy one get one free

    15 will have you feeling like you're rolling face without all the hyper active super insane love love shit massive changes to dopamine/serotonin produce

    a full 20 will have you robowalking and seeing shit

    if you're a big fuck it may require more but hell for under a ten spot for 40 it's the cleanest cheapest method of dexing

    don't drink syurps don't take triple c's don't take anything but these or robotussin cough gels

    any other generics with 15mg dxm hci will also do so shop around for the cheapest shit

    edit - kb shrink that signature to 350x125 before it gets removed
  16. Robotussin Maximum Strength Cough has DXM as it's only ingredient. Don't do other brands.
  17. I've done robotussin quite a few times.. The craziest time was when I took 35. I've taken 30 two times before, but the extra 5 made a huge difference. I looked at my friend and his face turned into the scariest thing I've ever seen, I yelled and threw my face into the pillow. I saw two of everything for a while as well.
  18. I drank a half bottle of noname brand tussin on an empty stomache when i was sick.
  19. I might want to try this but I take SSRI's which is an ani-depressent and from what I hear you should not do a robo trip while taking SSRI's :(

  20. I thought that was only for E...

    Im pretty sure when i was on paxil i tripped fucking nuts on pure dxm extract

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