Robitussin or vicks cough syrup?

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  1. i want to trip on cough syrup but i want to know which one is safer

    Adult Robitussin:
    Active ingredients
    Dextromethorphan HBr,
    USP 10 mg..............cough suppresant
    Guaifenesin, USP 100 mg..........exprectorant

    and heres Vicks Nyquil cough
    Active Ingredients:
    dextromethorphan HBr 15 mg........cough suppressant
    doxylamine succinate 6.25 mg..............antihistamine
  2. Well from what I hear, Robo is the standard. I would go with that.
  3. thats what i heard too but i wanna be sure and these are the only 2 i have right now
  4. The only time i did it was with max strengh vicks w/ ONLY dxm 15mg. 2 4oz bottles, fucked me up nice n good
  5. chug both
  6. Ok this is what you do if you want to have a good feeling trip.

    Dont get anything with Guaifenesin in it. It will make you nausious and feel like a dry turd on a hot day.

    Get Robitussin Gel Caps. The ones that have like an orange box and in it, it says cough suppression. They are about 7 bucks each and come with 20 tablets. I suggest getting 3 of them because each gelcap is like 15 mg. and 900 mg is usually good for 4th plateau for me. These are pretty much just robitussin and not any extra crap.

    Edit- and as long as there is no acitominophen in your cough syrup you are good and safe.
  7. ....shouldn't do that shit, stay natural with the herb :smoking:....
  8. so if i chugged half the vicks wat woud happen?
  9. you would fall asleep.
  10. you would have a nasty coating all over your mouth
  11. This.
  12. How about you just get drunk...Or high, Off bud.
  13. move. to. pandora.
  14. I like this idea.:smoke:
  15. i tried that stuff last night....worse high ever
    im just gonna get sum bud today :hello: STICK WITH DA HERB!
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    I strongly implore you (if you have to) to get Vick's forumula 44. It just has DXM in it. Some of the Robitussin has nausea inducing agents that will make your trip no fun at all. Vicks 44.

    Also, don't get anything that has things in it other than DXM, a lot of them are not ok to take in large quantities. Like I said Vicks 44 will take care of it.
  17. ^this. vicks44 "custom care" is the best shit available.
  18. I havent tripped in over a year. Im going to get some Vicks 44 today before work, that way when I get home I can indulge a little.

    So chug the whole bottle of this?, Ive never tripped on DXM before, so just a little advice I guess.
  19. useally the one with the lowest dose of chems

  20. definatly take the Adult Robitussin
    drink a lot!

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