Robert Plant tickets ~~~

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by ganjaphish, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. I just had to express and share my enthusiasm - we just got Robert Plant tickets for the Berkeley show, basically there will be the little pit, then we're in the 2nd row! WOOHOOO!!!!!!

    Anyone else planning to check out his tour?

    *still screaming like a school girl*
  2. is he playing with jimmy? Plant is good and all, but Jimmy is what mad Zeppelin.
  3. i would love to see page, i adore him... but robert plant is just as good if you ask me... actually, i'm sort of a zeppelin fanatic... and i think the beauty of zeppelin was there wasn't really just *one* member that "made" zeppelin... each and every member contributed incredibly to the music, maybe page/plant wrote the bulk of the songs, but bonham and jpj both contributed immensely to the music, and if any one of those band members didn't join the group, i seriously don't think zeppelin would have gained as much popularity, noteriety as they have.

    each member had innovative ideas, played their heart and soul out into the music ~ and each of their styles melded togther to form what they became, and the formula they concocted created an explosion of music with such a broad spectrum of music.

    i don't know... led zeppelin was the band page always dreamed of, and it was him who brought the 4 together as a group, but give him all the credit? i think the talent of led zeppelin came from all of them...

    sorry to ramble on... got a supa stony batch of hashplant burnin' in the house tonight :D
  4. I definatly agree with you ganjaphish, but I definatly think Page was the better writer. I mean I just really was never a fan for plants solo career. Anyway, Led Zeppelin kicks ass :smoking:!
  5. You lucky girl. I'm so jealous but I'm happy for you! I'd be screaming like a school girl , too!!!!!!

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