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  1. So the other day a friend of mine set me up with a deal with a friend of his. i talked to the kid on the phone and was told to meet him at a store north of me. I drive to the location and meet him at his car. As i walk to his car i notice that the whole car is full of kids, so i walk to the front widow which is open. After a short conversation with him he starts weighing the buds. i notice that he is weighing if very slow but he eventually finishes and i hand him the money which he then hands to his friend next to him. Then he reaches in the bag and hands a small bud to me telling me to give it a sniff. As a look down he trows the car in gear and peels out. I ran to my car and chased him down the road. He got away cause i drive and SUV but i had his phone number and his first name.
    Don't rob people. Thats the point of this story. Its ruins marijuana culture and fucks the person's day up. Also its just another trait that police and politicians can use to give people the wrong idea about marijuana.
  2. Damn.

    That shit sucks
  3. How much money did he steal from you ? im sorry ... but try and track him down with your friend... teach him some lessons in weed culture and who not to steal from. im not saing violence but do what you gotta do...
  4. Dude, that's some straight bullshit. Major buzz kill for sure. Hopefully you are able to "straighten" things out with this fool relatively soon...
  5. Kid is an idiot, why lose a customer to something stupid
  6. My friend gave some cash to another kid to go buy a pound from some other dude in the hood. From what we were told the kids got there, guns were pulled, and then my friend was out a lot of money. Fuck that.
  7. haha i love how its always a "friend" who sets up the deal
    Reality check bro, he aint your friend, cause he just robbed you.
    personally i think you deserves it if you were stupid enough to fall for his trick....remember the rule you were taught when you first started smokin? dont give the cash unless u got the product, come on now man....
    happy smoking :smoking:, oh wait, you wont be, ha-ha!;) (all in good fun)
  8. bummer dude. :p

  9. As brutally honest as he was, He's right. NEVER hand money till the product is in your hands. Also, If you do find him, do what you gotta do.
  10. same situation happened to me, but i was buying coke. this was my coke dealer too, i think he was getting out of the game and needed money because he was actually cool before. it was a van full of kids they gave me a little rock in a back and left. this isn't even the heroin addict who robbed me either, if you read my other post about being robbed. it's really shitty when you actually trust the guy because i had no reason not to. funny thing is that I was actually hooking up a friend of mine so we both kinda got fucked over. No dealing talk - Bliz

    Yeah no matter what the situation, never trust anybody (even your best friend). That's what I've learned. Once people know you aren't fucking around they won't really try to rob you either, just be assertive and refuse to give them the money before no matter what they tell you. Even if you think it's legit, dont do it.
  11. ya man its ok i got the guys address home phone cell phone full name and e-mail address. its amazing how much you can find out about somebody just by there phone number and a couple of calls.
  12. god damn that sucks..
  13. Everytime he won't answer and when you confront him it will be, oh it was my buddy who did it. Just forget about it and move on to another supply. It sucks man thats life you should've had the bag in your hand before you, tossed the cash over. If it was'nt much cash, is it worth the hassel?
  14. Strait up dude go to dudes house jack his shit and next time u see him or his care stab his ass and slash tires.
  15. hahaha maybe man but i might just let it go and let him suffer in the end cause that shit will just come back and fuck with you. That shit will get back to him someday and it will fuck hime over hard.
  16. you got his you still doing on here posting? go get your money.
  17. haha its ok me and my buds have already got it set up
    lol we arent going to rob him (well maybe if theres time) but we are going to fuck his day up hard and make him wish he never fucked with us

  18. you know???haha
  19. hell ya i know like i said before its amazing how much you can find out with a phone number. Thats why robbing people is such a bad idea. I made like 3 phone calls and researched on the internet for like 40 min and found out all his shit even his school grade and shit.
  20. so...ide have that friend of yours set up another deal.. get there, kick his ass, take all his stuff then go home and celebrate :D

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