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  1. Had plants on my roof and friends with big mouths. Lesson learned.

    Our plants were probably a month or two away from budding SO much... white widow.

    Any ideas for how I can continue to grow outdoors but protect the plants?
  2. on your roof? Really?
  3. Family member involved with NYPD narcotics was visiting, had on roof for one week hidden from the way the roof is/the solar panel.
  4. oh ok now it makes more sense.
    That's crazy though cuz that sounds like a good spot...
    Idk what to say cuz once kids find by there one day they're gonna be all over that place seaching for your spot whenever they hear about you growing again.
    If you live near any other houses you can tell one of your neighbors to tell you if they see anything. Just tell them some kids tagged your roof or got up there an tried to break in or something. Whatever sounds legit.

    How can someone get on your roof without you noticing anyways?

  5. Yeah...don't tell ANYbody!
  6. wanna give us a little more of a story...?

  7. Actually I would like to read it, too.
  8. I'm 18... all of my friends are 16-19, and the police around here (Miami) are always looking to catch us smoking somewhere.

    One day I got arrested, and I decided to tell my parents I want to smoke at the house to be safe. They were okay with it, and eventually, they saw I'm on the right track and smoking can't be THAT bad...

    So I have a bunch of close friends who come over and smoke. The plants have been in the backyard forever, and if I happen to bring by someone by the house, they're always a close friend, and I mention cameras and tell them I bring them inside every day.

    For months... no one tried anything. Someone took a ladder from my shed, set it up, stole the plants, woke up my brother... he went outside with a tazer and it was too late I guess. Ladder was put back away, as if it was never done.

    Me and my boys have a few ideas on who did it... we know some kids we don't like who also happen to grow weed. What comes around goes around.........

  9. There's the key my friend:

    What 2 know is not a secret anymore!

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