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robbed... with an actual gun... that sucks...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Jan 9, 2004.

  1. so me and a couple friends were walking home a couple weeks back. some jerks pull up and rob us... the guy had his hand in his hoody pocket and when he got to me he says "don't do anything stupid...etc." and proceeds to rob me for all i had (a whopping $10, LOL)... anywayz, i didn't actually think the gun was real or anything, but i figured 'better safe than sorry.'

    anywayz, i found out yesterday that it was a real gun, and that the guy's got caught. they're serving 5 years for armed robbery (they got a bunch of people around here). anywayz, they got the gun down in the city, and it turns out that it was used to kill 3 people down there before they got ahold of it. if they don't tell the cops who they got it from they're gonna get a lot more time added to that 5 years...
  2. Spineless little bastards. They deserve a healthy sentence. Those bums should have gotten a job instead of taking the easy way out. Glad to hear you're ok, and as you said... Better safe than sorry.
  3. I was smoking with a bud in cleveland over the past summer, and he grew up in some hard parts of cleveland. He was telling me all these stories about getting robbed. After he got out of jail (for ironically, stealing money from his jobs cashregister) he was held up by this guy that he was trying to buy some weed off of. He stole his 20 bucks and his one swisher that he had. That same night he was held up again by this diferent guy that was high on crack and kept saying "ill shootcha!" over and over again. My friend was just like.. uhh. okay man whatever, and he just walked away from him. When he was like a block away he started hearing gun shots and he ran like hell...

    I'm happy to say, i've never been robbed before.. yet atleast... Sucks that you lost your 10 bucks man, hah... good idea to not fuck around with them, you never know how desperate/crazy someone can be...
  4. that sucks, and people do suck!
    im glad your okay....
    thank whatever they just left after taking your 10bucks

  5. Theres some really uncool people out there :{

  6. not all people...but MEAN people suck
  7. I don't wish bad for many people, but those guys need to have some WOOOOOPPPPPPPIIIIINNNNN'SSSS

  8. no realy...all of us....suck

    there are no

    even the best person you know...has done something shity to someone at some point

    i stand .....people suck
  9. Glad to hear you've survived! God really must have protected you...
  10. I got burned once, last time I give someone money first. What was I thinking?

    Anyway I see this motherfucker walking around later that day not to far from where I saw him last. I went back to the house and grabed my blackjack. We found him a few min later and I jumped out of the car and chased him a few blocks. He finally stopped and pulled a little 2 inch knife on me. I told him to give me my fucking money. He looks at his knive and looks back at me and told me he was going to slice me up. Heh, right. I didn't even acknowledge it. I told him again to hand over the cash. By this time a large crowd was forming. He pulled a bag out, I grabbed it, and took off.

    Yeah, the bag was fake, but I scared the shit out of him. If I ever see him again it is going into a fight, nothing said, just pure assbeating. Break a few ribs, take whatever is on him, and steal his shoes.
  11. Ive been robbed once...I dont remember too much of it, but I was walkin home alone at like 2am, stumbling down the sidewalk, hammered as fuck, then all of a sudden Im surrounded by these 4 guys, and one of them has a knife. I didnt have my wallet or nothin but they took the rest of my 26oz of whiskey, like 4 or 5 shots, haha, no big deal, but its still the fact I got robbed.
  12. that sucks, i hope I never get robbed
  13. Getting jacked sucks Cottons, believe me i know, lol a homeless guy robbed me with a fucking giant wrench when i was 8

    You do not stand, you sit in the highchair of an altered perspective. Really you're ignoring the balance of things, you say people do bad things some times and use it as your reason that they suck, while ignoring that without the sucking there would be no kickass and vice versa.
  14. HAHA, oh shit, not the fuckin homeless. When I was a kid I was always afraid of bums, like if one asked me for money I would like I just tell them to fuck off...nicely
  15. Yeah, it sucks when people use guns to commit crimes..... unless it's to my benefit ;) j/k

  16. no no i havent forgotten.....that fact simply did not help my present case!

    but realy...balance is within the in us all is good and bad ....therefore ,,,we do all suck...of corse this also means we are all great as well...another fact that did not help my preveous statment so was also omited!

  17. how can suckiness be subjective and universally true at the same time? I'd say that people tend to suck as much as they need to, if their balance is off they'll suck or rock the casbah in various ways so as to make up for it, some of them are so unbalanced that they rob people with guns

  18. yeah so some people suck more than others?

    wile others still....are better at the sucking bissness altogether!
  19. times like those make me laugh at robbers.
    at least you were hammered, thats always makes everything better

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