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Robbed via crowbar

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cannabis, May 24, 2010.

  1. yes definitely, forgot to state that in my response.

    lol why would i lung at someone wit a c-bar??

  2. I didnt know we could hear text...
  3. Uh, Rule #1 goes both ways my friend. What makes you think that a dumbass walking around with a crowbar wouldn't also possibly have a gun on them? Still, if you feel that confident, then fine.

    FYI, Rule #2: Expect the Unexpected

    Perhaps you should take a look at the statistics of the legal battles involving an injury vs. a death first. Ask damn near any cop about this, and they'll tell you straight up. If you're gonna shoot, shoot to kill. Sure, there's obviously a very large moral dilemma you will have to live with for the rest of your life, but from a legal standpoint, I'm sorry, it's a hell of a lot easier when you don't have "his" side of the story clouding judgment.

    And I think I speak accurately when taking the advice from any cop on this who has taken place in many a courtroom trial is probably better than most martial artists opinion on the topic of legal battles. No offense meant to any martial artists out there, unless they also happen to be defense attorneys. :D
  4. lol @ the pseudo "martial artists" in this thread
  5. hahahahahahahahaha
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    If you are a decent fighter, you can disarm them with law enforcement techniques. That person has a crowbar, but a crowbar adds a little weight, which means his response will be a little slower. If you are already fast, you can take advantage of that, If he swings and misses, get him. It'll take a couple seconds for him to gather himself (stopping the crowbar, cocking it back). Its not impossible to fight someone with a weapon, I've seen people who've tried to rob people with knives get the knife taken by the other person.

    OP: You did the right thing, you weren't in a good state of mind to be making somewhat complex decisions. All that matters is that you still have your life.

  7. dude if there's guy walking around with a crowbar, chances are they dont have a gun, cause if they couldnt get at least a knife to rob someone, second best thing would be a crowbar, no??

  8. Friend who mugged another friend? Thats messed :\

    On topic, I hope you get your necklace back OP.
  9. ok, so, this is to the guy with the red text, man, if you were in a situation and someone lunged at you, and you had a crowbar , you'd think you could beat them up right?

    cos you seem to think you could beat someone up without one.

    so, how do you know for sure you are tougher than someone you dont even know?

    how can you be sure? i know for certain, if someone lunged at me and tried some karate shit and i had a crowbar(and i was a scumbag who would mug someone),i'd be spooked and i'd swing a few at their skull and face and dip.

    dont know if i made any sense im quite blazed right now. my kitchen is like flooded with bubbles, dont put washing up detergent in your dishwasher. dont.
  10. what are you laughing at didn't you take a shit on another man? sick fuck

  11. I mean do you guys really wanna make this thread a thousand pages??

    First off, you sound like a mess, i had to read your post 3 times to understand what you were saying. i didnt mean to ruffle your panties but you need to stop being so ignorant and realize if it was mano e mano, 1 on 1, fighter vs a dude with a crowbar... i mean do you really think you could just swing and "donk" the dude on the "skull and face and dip"
    A person who's out robbing people instead of earning their money doesnt have much of an IQ. So chances are you would fail along with your dishwashin' technique.
  12. Ah man...I feel bad about that necklace man

    This is a test of karmatic (I'm 50-50 that's a real word) justice

  13. ok so basically what we have learnt is i make no sense high and you are a skinny teenage stoner virgin who has a fetish for martial arts and an internet tough guy who would probably wet his pants if someone brought a crowbar up against you.

    Look, it just makes no sense, you dont need a fuckin high IQ to fight, just because you have looked up how to use self defense on wikipedia doesn't mean you are gonna beat a man with a weapon. IF you are skilled enough to disarm him, then, YOU will have the crowbar....then HE will disarm you;) then you will disarm him...then...he will disarm you...then you will disarm him...someone is gonna get hit by that crowbar,
  14. you should have fought back. dude sounds like an amateur if he robbed you with a crowbar. he'll get his one day. karma is a bitch
  15. :p:bongin::laughing:

  16. haha thats scottish dialect, sorry, i try really hard not to type in dialect on this site because nobody would understand me, usually type in scottish dialect if im talking to my friends :cool:
  17. wow...I hope his ass gets caught...but that crackhead will probably hock your shit quick...check out all the pawn shops

    side note..Who needs a $900 watch? damn, there's alot Id rather do with 900 bucks

  18. haha I understood you. I was just busting your balls :p

  19. THIS!

    Maybe be proactive and alert local shops? Perhaps karma will guide some good will from others towards your direction

  20. just saw this...LUL

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