Robbed of 400$ + quad + new grinder at gunpoint

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ston3rf4g, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. So i had a crazy ass day today. This chick calls me says she's a friend of a friend and wants to get an ounce. I tell her all i have is a quad, and long story short, we meet up behind this restaurant right on the main street of our rich white suburban town. She gets in my car, checks out the quad, then snatches my keys, pulls out a gun and tells me to give her all my money. I had like close to 400$ cash on me at the time, plus the quad. I also just bought a brand new 5 piece grinder that i was loving, and she took that too. So now im out a shit load and was held up at gun point today. Some crazy ass shit. Luckily I had 200$ fronted for a half of some home grown Blue Buddah which is some DANK shit.

    But its crazy shit like this goes down over weed, over a couple hundred dollars, even in good old suburbia. Just counting my losses, learned a lesson, and now i got a pretty crazy story. Only got a month left before college so just putting this shit behind me. Shady ass people....
  2. grimey fuckin whore
  3. how does that work? a QP was 4 zips last I heard..

    shit happens though man that sucks, a lot. If it was the kinda girl to pull a gun out she probably wasn't the kind of random girl you want to be getting an ounce for.
  4. shit son glad ur alive but i dunno how i would feel if i got robbed by a girl.....
  5. A quad is a fourth of an ounce. Much different from a QP :smoke:
  6. Do you think the chick wouldve shot you if you didnt give her anything? serious question
  7. problem is a bullet shot by a girl will fuck you up just as a bullet from a dude

  8. i hope i would take my chances and physically out power the girl....not sayin anythin is wrong with the OP because he didnt, but i THINK i would risk it. most of the time the person behind a gun is bluffin anyway and wouldnt really do it.
  9. Yeah I would of raised my hands and be like "calm down" then I would grab her wrist and pop a shot and see if she was bluffin or not I would hope the gun wasnt semi auto lol.
  10. well if i ever had a gun pulled on me id probably cry lol

  11. I would've taken my chances of causing her to lose attention on me, like tell her there is a cop behind us then knock her so hard in the face she'll forget who she is.

    Damn bro, that sucks, I cant imagine that happening over a plant.
  12. yeah i def would have tested her. then again i would never sell to someone iv never met. end of story
  13. i'd take a roughly 550 doller loss over testing some whore out to see if she has the balls to shoot me.
  14. If you ever see her again cut her a permanant smile with a razor blade.

  16. she woulda got her ass torn up......literally!
  17. No it's not. A quad refers to four of something, not a fourth of something.
  18. do you really think she would have shot you?
  19. You live 10 minutes from me. I'm from Highland Park. :wave:

    Damn man..never heard of any of this happening in the burbs..

    p.s. you should hook it up with some blue buddha haha
  20. I hope you know who the "friend" is that she got your number from.

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