Robbed By Close Friend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DjADirtySpoon, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. So I'm trying to figure out what to do, and honestly this guys has broken me to a point that I don't want to be.

    A friend of mine, let's call him Justin, was kicked out of his house about 2 months ago. In Pittsburgh winter can be kind of rough, so I offered to let him stay at my house for a while. I'm 18, live with both parents, who are both aware of what happened, and I'm also not really the fighting type. Justin just turned 20, grew up in the rougher part of town, and has a bit of a violent history.

    So after living with me for about a month and a half, my dad had to kick him out because Justin was getting in a lot of trouble and was bring the police around a little too often. About a week later (Wednsday) I was hanging out with Justin when I gave him some money to pick up, this was fairly common practice, so he went off with $60 and never came back. I tried calling him all night, and he never picked up.

    The next day at school I was talking to a girl, we'll call her Katie, who I thought I could trust, and told her that I thought he had beat me, and I hoped I didn't have to fight him because I didn't want to have to beat him up. Katie immediately told him that I was threatening to fight him and that I was calling him out.

    So he starts calling me out on Facebook, calling me a lier, a snitch, and a mark (all of which I'm not) he texts my friends telling them I'm the bad guy (thankfully not a single person believe him) and then he texts me that I'm not getting my money.

    On top of this, he's also dating a girl who was a close friend, he managed to turn her against me, and he already owed me $200 from other things, such as court fines I helped pay, and such. I also have found out that I'm not the only person he's stole from recently, there's about 7 other people who have told me that they were robbed by him, some for money, some items, some drugs.

    So now I'm out $260, two close friends, and I don't even know how to begin to rebuild, as I also owe another friend $100, and I'm clueless what to do. Part of me wants to take a baseball bat to his knees, part of me wants legal action, and part of me wants to drop it and move on... Fuck
  2. If I were you I see if there is anything you can do (I.e bring him to court.) if you can't I would beat the shit out of him. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Slugger to the knees FTW
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    Little bitch sounds like a complete cunt. Rat him out and get him arrested. You let him stay at yours for free, eat your food and he turns around and robs you.

    I sense you know you couldn't engage him in fisty cuffs so you may as well just narc him out to the po po or something.
  5. Choose your friends more wisely and count it as a lesson learned.
  6. Sounds like his life is actively going to shit, and he's bringing you down with him.

    Frankly, that's not too much money. If you can afford to just live and let live, I would suggest breaking all ties with him and moving on. It sounds like he is a person you don't want to/shouldn't ever be friends with again - it may be worth it just to forget him.

    That, or fucking break his knees in w/ a baseball bat as mentioned.
  7. So the current count is:

    Baseball Bat: 3
    Narc: 2
    Move On: 2

    So to address comments:

    DarkstarMJ: You really created an account just to reply here, thanks.

    Skunky Monkey: Realistically, In a fair 1v1 fight, I would win 3/10 times, I have size and strength on him, but he has an increadable amount of experience and is WAY faster.

    terpsnation: $260 for me is 3 weeks pay, so I consider it to be a lot of money, as my family basically lives paycheck to paycheck.
  8. Just turn the page and move on with your life. Dude is gonna get a dose of reality really soon of he keeps doing what he is doing. Wether it be jail or worse
  9. He clearly doesn't see you as you see/saw him, If he is willing to rob you after you went out of your way to put a roof over his head and feed him and help pay for damages he caused he really doesn't see you as a friend just another person who he can use to his advantage, Either baseball bat or Legal action. No wonder he got kicked out of his parents house, Just look at it like this if you don't do anything he will continue to act like this until he fucks with the wrong person and gets it even harder than anything you could of done, If you do do something he will definitely not fuck with you and maybe might see that he can't just use people and get away with it and maybe just maybe try to get his life back on track.
  10. Ehh if you can't beat him at his own game don't. Besides, if he stole from 7 other people he is bound to get his ass beat by someone.

    If you need alternative ways to get back at him we are full of them here on the city.
  11. You should gather up the other people he stole from and fuck him up
  12. he sounds like he has alot of problems man. its only a matter of time before something happends to the kid. id take em to civil court and recover some money thats for sure. or take something of his that has equal value like a lap top or game console. shit he deserves his ass kicked but i would just get what he owes me and move the fuck on.
  13. Revenge is always a nice Thing man, but really 260$ isnt all that much Ive been roobed for much more then that, You juz Gotta move on And forget about it You really dont need 2 get charged for assault with a weapon or anything
  14. Thanks for the advice guys, I'm going to be taking the guy to court, I hate that it kind of makes me a snitch, but its not that I'm ratting him out for drug use/selling, it's just that I want my money back.
  15. Do what yougotta do bro, the kids a scum bag

  16. ^lets ban Skunky Monkey from Grass city for wanting to go to the lowest form of revenge...Narcing.

    You should be a shamed of yourself. Your dad never taught you to deal with your own problems? I understand if the guy broke into his parents house this would be a different story, but not just cause op got jacked. Man up to your own problems, don't tattle tale to the police...:rolleyes:
  17. sounds like you got taken advantage of by a sketchy slimeball...

    he's not your friend. you might as well just drop him from your life.
  18. DTA man, Don't EVER Trust ANYONE except blood and then...depends on who it is.
  19. If you take him to court it's just going to cost you more in the long run. I guarantee you he wouldn't show up and even if they ruled in favor of you he'd never give you a cent. The court system really doesn't give a fuck about $260. Just take this as a lesson man. Pick your friends better and don't front money to violent scumbags (or anyone for that matter). Honestly $260 sounds worth it to never see this douche again.
  20. Thought I would give an update:

    So the guy got really drunk one night and tried fighting a friend of mine. By the end of the fight, Justin was on the ground crying, but not because he got beat up, because he had an emotional breakdown. He has since paided me back and I guess is trying to fix his fucked up life.
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