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Robbed by big brothers friend, what to do?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jakejake678, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Hello grasscity my big brothers friend texted me saying he had a eigth of bomb for 50, and ive known this guy for years and was not even expecting anything suspicous, he was almost a friend to me. well he is kinda a junkie with other drugs but he rolls up i give him the money and he hands me a napkin, i look in it and i could tell its not weed so i say " give me my fucking money back" he hits me in my head and drives off, what do i do? i know his family, i know where he lives, i know everything about him. should i like talk to his mom or something? please help
  2. Talk to his mom. And your brother.
  3. Your older bro should kick his ass , if somebody gave my little bro drugs besides weed I would break there fingers
  4. tell your mom he tried to sell you drugs, she will call his mom and bitch at her for "corrupting" you. if you don't want to do that, talk to your brother, hopefully he'll choose his family over his friend and get your 50 back.
  5. all my brother said he was blacked out on benzos, and he would return the money the next day witch he didnt and thats all he said. like i know i a guy with some heat but i dont really want to get involved with that...should i get involved with the intimidation style or what should i say to his mom or what?
  6. That's so fucked up. If you know everything about him I'm sure you could think of something good to do to him
  7. Just beat his ass , chances are he won't expect it since your younger . If your afraid than just pull a mike myers. On him . Drag him into the woods and beat himm with a stick till he is crying for forgiveness . And don't make weapon threats that just makes you sound weak . If your really gonna use a weapon dont say it and just do it . Chances are if you go after him with a weapon and show him that your willing to hurt him He will think your a nut bar and won't wanna mess with you . Age means nothing my friend . Older people get shocked when you stand up to them cause they don't expect it
  8. get a knife and at night slash his tires
  9. Your obviously a bitch and weak.. People prey on the weak... You know his family where he lives???!!!?? and he still robbed you... he expects you to do nothing.. especially if you have to go on grasscity and talk about it...You got business to take care of..
  10. [quote name='"DEA"']

    Your obviously a bitch and weak.. People prey on the weak... You know his family where he lives???!!!?? and he still robbed you... he expects you to do nothing.. especially if you have to go on grasscity and talk about it...You got business to take care of..[/quote]

    That's not cool man . Ive been robbed when I was young and did nothing in vengeance . But one guy who is older than me used to always rob me/ bully me years ago . I seen him in a city park years later and gave him the beating of his life time . He was apologizing and crying like a bitch . People prey on the weak because they are weak themselfs
  11. i would be at his house causing thousands of dollars of damage to his car with a ball bat. people don't fuck with ones who they think they crazy. i have never been fucked with for the fact that people do think im crazy and they havent even witnessed me being that mad.
  12. I had an older brothers junkie friend rob shit out of my own house once. I had plans to demo is vehicle in my driveway when he pulled up again. I never ended up doing anything, all you can do it hope his conscience eats at him for it. I was like 16, maybe almost 17 at the time.
  13. time to blow the dust and spider webs off the o'l knuckles. I dislike douchebags/bullies with a passion.
  14. If I could go back in time in my situation and fuck him up for stealing my shit I would. Its just been too long of a time now.

    If you're going to do anything about it do it quickly. But be careful if hes a junkie. He's obviously willing to go to drastic measures to get cash.
  15. I don't know dude but if my brother got jacked by one of my friends I would fuck my friend up! I don't know how close you and your brother are but it sounds to me like he needs to step up and help you out!
  16. Either talk to your brother about it, or go to this dudes house and fuck with his car. If I was you, I'd slash that asshole's tires. All 4.
  17. Well no matter what you do, I doubt you're getting your money back. That's how junkies are man. They do anything to buy their drugs. That's why you don't fuck with them.
  18. Okay, if we're playing the eye for an eye game, slashing all 4 tires is a bit much. Tires are usually at least $70 a pop. I think it'd be fair to slash one, maybe two for the trouble. But not all 4; you're essentially steeling $114 (at least) of his money that is not owed. That would make you the asshole.
  19. fuck that shit dude. if you fuck with me, you will regret it for the rest of your life. fuck just the tires, fuck the whole car up. if i'm never gonna see that 50, i destroy everything i can find of his. this is about principle, not if the damage we do matches how much they took from us.
  20. you will get your chance...give it time...

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