Robbed at gun point

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by HCL, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. (Forewarning to mods/admins: I'm not a dealer and this was a one time thing because of my miscalculations, but if it is against the rules please delete the thread)

    So last night, I asked a buddy of mine if he needed around $30 worth of bud because I miscalculated my expenses and bought too much bud and needed $30 back. So he says yes and we meet on this path way at 10:50. As I come up to it, I see a guy with a black hoodie and his head down walk passed me looking shady, but went to the bench to my right to meet up with my buddy.

    He was checking out the bud because it was REALLY dense and took out his wallet to hook me up with the cash. I was asking him about the guy that passed us and he was like "dude, he was walking ahead of me the entire way here and I thought he looked sketch too." I turn to my right and I see this kid coming back and think "well, something is about to go down" and tell my buddy and he just looks at the guy walking up and says "What the fuck?" The guy walked up to us asking what he had and I my buddy said "None of your business" and the guy snatched the bud and wallet from his hand and said "Now it's my business, fool". I couldn't see his face because of a hoodie over him and a black bandana covering his mouth and me and my buddy start towards him and he pulls out a glock and cocks it back. At that point, I'm thinking fuck it, we lost a 30 sack and some money, not worth getting shot over, and the guy starts walkin away and says "the fuck you 'gon do, little pussies" (oh, the irony). While the guy is still in hearing range, my buddy is going "Man fuck that guy, this shit is fucked!" and I'm just like dude, shut the fuck up and keep walking, I'm not getting shot over a 30 sack. So we end up each going him, me losing the sack and him losing $30+, ID and all of that shit.

    I hate little gang banger wannabes thinking they're tough shit because they have a gun. Bitch ass wouldn't have tried shit if he didn't have heat on him, guaranteed.
  2. easy solution : get strapped
  3. I'd much rather get $30 jacked from me than a fat fine from having an illegal pistol in my possession. Best believe the second I turn 21 I'm getting my concealed weapons permit.
  4. Ya use your 2nd amendment right to go and get rid of scum like that also are you sure your friend didnt set it up.

  5. Yeah, with a slingshot...guns are bad news unless you're on your property ;)
  6. haha busstterrr..
  7. Guaranteed he wasn't in on it.
  8. Ya i doubt your friend was in on it, probably just some thug looking to rob someone and found you guys. sucks get a gun
  9. Sounds like you need a better meeting spot to me.
  10. No kidding. I was sketched about that spot because of how, I guess secluded it was but then again that's also a positive if doing a transaction like that. I'm not going to that spot anymore though, fuck getting a gun pulled on me again.

    Everyone who says I need a gun is acting like I deal all of the time or something. This was a one time thing because I bought to much bud and totally forgot about the concert I wanted to go to and ended up needing to make $30 back. I wish I would've just said fuck the concert because now that's no concert and a lost sack.
  11. was the dude white or black?
  12. Mexican.
  13. It's risky and stupid, but usually those "thug" pussies don't have the balls to pull the trigger, much less aim holding it like an amateur, so fighting back is an option sometimes. Then again you may find yourself holding your stomach in over a camera or something.
  14. What's funny is, While reading this story I thought it was a black dude doing the robbing. Who woulda thought he'd be Mexican o_O
  15. shit, I was going to guess that it was some puerto-rican guy.

    You did the best you could by keeping it cool and not getting shot, but I look at it this way, your meet spot (wherever that me be for what ever you ever meet up with friends to do) it doesn't matter if you have a meet spot for chillin' outdoors, or picking up a bag. It shouldn't sketch you out. If it does even in a small way, it's probably better not to use it anyway. Wait till you locate one your completely comfortable with.
  16. man meet up at a safe spot... you learned the hard way. houses or cars........ ....... also who cares about the race? you want to know so that you can stereotype all the blacks and mexicans you see? fuck
  17. Where at you get your sac? Im from beaverton to I didnt know there were any sketch areas haha
  18. I hear that Mac 10s are getting cheaper.... But BUD ISNT!
    So pack it n keep oozzing bud!:hello:
  19. On Farmington, there is a new little trail that leads from Farmington into these apartments called Farmington Meadows but everyone calls them the Asian Apartments.

    The spot isn't usually a sketch spot during the day, but at night it seems to be a lurker spot for little gang banger mother fuckers. Oh well, looks like I'll find a better spot net time.
  20. Say you did have a gun. Then what are you going to do? pull out yours and then somebody will end up dead. Its not worth it unless you have pounds.

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