robbed at a trap

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big Brick Bails, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. [quote name='"home wrecker"']your white and went to the trap alone

    then you gave him 190 for a Q WITHOUT SEEING THE BUD FIRST!

    What did you expect?[/quote]

  2. What's a trap?
  3. [quote name='"InitialToke93"']What's a trap?[/quote]


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  4. When all else fails bust out the choppa.
  5. Hey Op
    Did they rape you in the ass too and you said we'll talk about that.
    Dam man what were ya thinking, you are lucky to be still walking.
  6. In slang, a trap means a house, sometimes a house that drugs are made or sold from

  7. Aww true sweet now i understand, thanks
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    let me name all the dumb shit you did and should never do again

    1st off you went to the trap unarmed without shit to protect yourself so if something went down you woulda got that ass beat. a quote from a former coke dealer "never go to a trap without a strap (Pause tho)" lol
    2nd off You went to the trap by yourself, so you aint even have no back up.
    3rd you payed 190 for a q thats some truedumb shit.
    4th and the most important mistake... YOU WENT TO A TRAP -_- NEVER go to a trap if you not prepared to send somebody in a hearse. the trap aint no kiddy kiddy bullshit place man, you gotta be on ya shit wen you hit the trap. if not then you'll just get that ass robbed or lose your life.
  9. [quote name='"InitialToke93"']What's a trap?[/quote]

    A trap house is a run down crack house basically. prostitution,dope dealing,sometimes even murder. is what takes place in a trap
  10. hhhahahahaahhaha wtf man?
  11. You may be living in a trap house if it looks like this
  12. How stupid can you get? OP must be 12...
  13. Take the loss or take their lives.

    Over $190, I know what MY choice would be.

    Next time you need to hit a trap, grab a homeless person of the right color and offer them a small reward to hook you up. Don't let your money walk. If they can tell you're not a punk, they will let you follow them and only expect their reward once the deal is done.

  14. lmfaooo omg
  15. Greatest troll thread ever. I needed that laugh. Thanks OP
  16. Hey Op
    If you do go back have someone follow you with camera so we can see some footage of you getting your azz kicked Dam man use the brain you were given
  17. Trollll?!
  18. [quote name='"SwishaSweetGang"']190$ that's some expensive confetti[/quote]

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