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Roasted Seeds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. holy shit......

    I sitting depressed, about to smoke my troubles away in a blaze of relaxation and confusion, transforming from entity to soundwave in an matter of minutes.... after a few hits i smelled popcorn.. after pondering where this popcorn smell could be coming from at 4:00 in the morning, i began to stir the ashes down a little bit, and i find 6 or 7 glimmering seeds in a plie in the dead center of the bowl... after appropriate panicing of the thought i killed some unborn plants, I grabbed the tweezers and managed to get 4 salvagable ones from amitst the ashes.. ate the other 3:D......

    I'm wondering weather these somewhat "toasted" seeds will germinate or not..... will try sometime this week:)

    I just find it funny how something as small as finding seeds can change me from deep depression to uncontainable excitment in a matter of seconds.... just shows that you dont have to smoke marijuana to get high of it, just the pure love for the species is a high in itself... in my mind you really havent truly gotten "high" intil you have smoked your own, hoem grown plants.... all the love that went into their care... it doesnt just agg to the high, it magnifies it:D

    please; everyone; plant a seed......
  2. theres way more to life than smokin my friend .What happens when ya just smoked that much that it makes no difference ??and ya still got at least 2 lb stashed ??the kids don,t listen the wife still loves to hate ya ,the bills ,arhhhhhhhhhhh.stml,lol,has a few bongs ,lol, again .ummmm,fuck l love life .lts great to be alive [way better than being dead l beleive]...................just got news of another suicide.A young guy that was at our sons 17th birthday broke up with his girlfriend [linda blair look a like] hung himself from the school basket ball ring on the main road.Now that really pisses me offf.

  3. Im planting my collected seeds outdoors next spring in the open, i cant grow at home so ill grow out of home.

  4. is there any particular reason he huuung himself from a basketball hoop?

    i mean shit, there are tons easier ways than that... was he a bastet ball player or something? or did he hate people who play basket ball... it just seems to me that there would be some meaning for going to all that trouble...

    sorry to hear taht though, was he a friend of your sons?

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