Roast the verse above you- RAP BATTLE THREAD

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  1. Sup blades,

    contributed to a rap battle thread a while back and saw that it died. Had a lot of fun on it and it was pretty active when it was alive so I figured why not start it back up? Just one rule...don't get butthurt, this is all just for fun.

    ya'll will soon learn that im the fuckin leada
    scooped yo bitch up cuz she like my fly two seata
    beat her, and then i release her
    back to yo ass, just another bitch- don't need her
    i burn more cheese than greeks wit saganaki
    nuke these fake g's like nagasaki
    so hot u tryna cop me, bet ya girl never crop me
    and none of u whack acts will ever stop me
    i stay strapped on my waist u can see the rocket
    so drop it, ya wallet, n everything in ya pocket
    for real tho, get laced by some slugs from the ace
    take the drugs and the loot as i shoot to ya face
    then they ask me, where'd he go, that clown, that fuckin joke
    i tell em, just like the last blunt- rolled up and SMOKED
  2. Your flow is whack, and you actin a fool.
    Youre vocab blows, get your ass back to school.
    Your lyrics hurt my eyes, man thats not cool..

    You said you took my girl, and I say thats just fine.
    That girl you picked up was your cousin
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    bitch please you a mutt
    prolly got flees
    i tell yo main bitch to get on her knees
    she gonna let me fuck so i reach for the keys
    im smokng that loud till im high in the trees
    spittin that ice so im maken u freeze
    i got her wetter than the seven seas
    you fuck skanky hoes prolly got a dizease
    dont fuck with me hoe? i tell that bitch please
    i aint no skatr but you know i got the steeze
  4. Oh please that last verse was utter shit, however I'm here to bting back the legit, I'm the dyke errone like, I rule harder than the third reich, Hitler can suck my dick, while I flick my bic, I'm the best there ever was, I ain't wanna say that again cuz, so please just go and die, you will never be fly, so take your verse and shove it up your asshole, only then will you feel whole.

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