Roast, Smoke, or Toke Some Dank With AK and Master Soma...

Discussion in 'General' started by AK Infinity, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. The Master at Work!


    Reason be damned I'm getting fucking baked as apple pie brothers and sisters soooooooooooooo... The words that are coming out of my mouth are going to spontaneously erupt like a timely geyser or a happy dick that's found some really good guts. (Disclaimer: Ugh I can be a bit over the top sometimes but I'm faded so please forgive me or join me.) I'm sending out mad love to all you beautiful blades in the city cuz you ain't nothing but a little bit of my idea of heaven, seriously I can count the angels every time I sign on. I abide in your clouds and ideas freely while kicking the "establishment" to the curb.

    With amazing intensity and intent I say I love Grass City and everything it is and represents.

    Stay high and stay green.

    P.s. AK just got smoked by AK, or is it the other way around?
  2. Is that you?

    Id love to smoke with that guy.
  3. Is that you?

    Is that in America?
  4. lmao, im so going to look like that in 40 years, if i get to those years.
  5. No it's not me just one of my influences.
  6. Is that in America?
  7. I'd pitch on another spliff with that guy :)
  8. The guy in the picture above has been growing organically since 1971 and has come up with such strains as:

    NYC Diesel
    Amethyst Bud
    Free Tibet
    Buddha's Sister
    Haze Heaven
    Reclining Buddha

    and last years Cannabis Cup winner in the indica catagory Lavender.

    I'm shocked that no one recognized him, and I'm honored some of you guys thought he was me. I'm not that old yet but by the time I am I hope to have an entry or two at the Cannabis Cup.

    Stay green.
  9. If it isn't it's damn close.
  10. ill go with it! its nirvana! atleast thats what i want it to look like.
  11. AK? you have any links about soma?
  12. When I first started growing marijuana I was pretty much like a lot of growers, I relied heavily of chemical fertilizers to get the most out of my cannabis. I had no idea of the diverse bouquet of taste and smell that are made available when you grow organically. I'd heard of Master Soma because of the dope ass bud he was breeding but I soon became aware that organics were his real contribution to the cannabis field. I decided to take a chance and borrowed some of his techniques and the rest is history. My first completely organic crop was a rediscovery of this most miraculous plant, it smelled different, tasted different, and burned different. I was in cannabis heaven and for how beautifully it affected me, it was nothing compared to how it affected the people that smoked it too. I've seen plenty of interesting nuggets on GC but nothing, and I mean nothing compares to an organically soil grown bud. Let me put it this way, I will never smoke any other kind of marijuana again period.

    I've never received more compliments about anything like the ones I get about my weed. When my stuff becomes available it goes faster than I can open the curing jars.

    Here's a link to Master Soma's site:


    i'm glad there are some growers out ther that appreciate organic marijuana.

    We get alot of chemicals in north american marijuana unfortunatley. Just more reason to legalize and allow standards to be set.

    I was just reading on that site about Master Soma and that guys sounds very core. I could definatley groove and smoke with that guy.

    I'm glad people like that exist out there :D
  14. thats soma as in soma seeds as in nycd as in amazing seeds.
  15. he is my hero..that is my background now
  16. haha same here
  17. hahahahhahahaha
  18. Ahh, what can't Soma do...

    The guy is soooo chill, I had the oppurtunity to talk to him a few times on another forum and honestly if we were all more like Soma this world would kick ass!
  19. We need to get him posting on GC!
  20. Master Soma is my hero because he's opened me up to a whole new world.

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